12 Bird With Long Beak: Explain With Pictures

7.Rhinoceros Hornbill

Bird With Long Beak

Rooting back in the Asian countries, this Bird with long beak has a unique beak! We say so because as you must have guessed from the name, it has a long horn-like structure similar to that of the rhinoceros! Yes! This makes this bird’s bill look unique and attractive. The color of the bill is orange at the face side and ends up being white at the tips.

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8.Keel-Billed Toucan

Bird With Long Beak

How would you look if your mouth were 1/3rd of your entire shape? Weird! Well, this bird pulls it off gracefully! Having a 20 cm long bill, the keel-billed toucan is called the rainbow-billed toucan. If you wish to spot this bird, you have to visit Africa, as that is its native place!

9.American White Pelican

Bird With Long Beak

Beaks are mouths for other birds, however, for this Bird has it doubles up to a carrier! Yes! Pelicans have this extra sack like thing in their lower mandible that is beneficial to catch fish. It acts as a net and catches fish draining out the water. An interesting fact here is this sack or as it’s called “throat sac” gets fleshier during mating season.

10.Atlantic Puffin

Bird With Long Beak

Do you know Atlantic puffins are also known as the “clown of the sea” or sea parrots? Well, this amazing Bird has an interesting beak that can carry 10 fishes at a time! Yes! Although the size of the beak doesn’t seem that way, there are serrations on the Atlantic puffin’s upper mandible to carry these fishes.

11.Crested Coua

Bird With Long Beak

This one specie as quite famous and you must have seen it in “the lion king” or “Rio”. Crested coua is a Bird which has beautiful bright colors on its beak. Although, as they grow up, their beak becomes black, initially they have amazing variants that are unique for every bird.


Bird With Long Beak

Now you must be wondering about kiwi’s entry down in this list. This Bird had a longer beak with respect of its body. The unique feature of kiwi is that it has nostrils on the beak than having it on the face. This unique beak and nose make it easier for the kiwi to decide smells.

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Aren’t these Bird with long beak fascinating? We are sure you must have loved the way they have their beaks function the way they want. Every bird has some unique characteristic, which is gifted by Mother Nature. Alas! Many of these birds are on a verge of extinction because of the cruelty of some greedy human. They need to understand, every creature is gifted with its features because it looks good on them. had the beautiful feather, beaks or anything that they kill animals for, looked good on humans or had been made for the humans, it would rather grow on us than on them! 

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