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40 Insanely Funny Pictures Of Pets Wearing Wigs

40 Insanely Funny Pictures Of Pets Wearing Wigs

Well, who said singles cannot have babies? Having pets is love, and they are no less than babies. They need the care and nurture like other small newborn humans! Whoever said, you cannot buy happiness, surely did not include adopting animals as pets in their list of happiness! *Couldn’t agree more, right?* Well, if you

15 Informative Facts about Cheetah for Kids

An ailurophile’s glee, supremely known as the fastest mammal on land, But did you that it is Africa’s most threatened feline? As kids, we’ve studied so much about it being the quickest and agile among the feline domain that we are head over heels in love with that spotty big cat. Yes! It’s the magnificent

40 Hilarious Pictures of African Animals with Horns

Your search for animals on Earth is never-ending. The more you know, the more you discover. Some may differ in physical appearance, some differ in characteristics, while some in food habits. How exciting is it to see the animals with beautiful horns! Animals with horns show a wide diversity. If you look around, you will

10 Animals And Their Weird Eating Functionality

Animals have always been a very interesting subject of study and research. A lot of thesis and observations have been done on this species, and every time something different comes up just as these Animals And Their Weird Eating Functionality. Eating is one such habit that has been widely explored by a lot of people around.

40 Funny Pictures of Cats being Naughty

Having a cat with you can never make you feel alone! It’s like your family. No need to stick with the whole day to show them love and care, no hassle to make them learn manners, no need to guard them always. They know what HOME feels like and they will come back. They understand

12 DIY Dog Clothes Tutorials For You

Dogs are love and life for all those who love them. Those who don’t also cannot ignore a cute little dog, who has amazingly colourful clothes on, right? Well, if you are tired of looking for unique clothing for your pet in the pet stores around, stop looking there. Look inside your house. DIY Dog

Small Monkey Breeds You Can Have as Pets

Cercopithecoid, or known today as monkeys, are one of the most chaotic animal species on earth. While some people adore them, some are really scared of them, as they keep jumping from here and there. Well, the fact is that – while monkeys are actually harmless, there are some species of monkeys that can be

40 Best Halloween Costumes For Pets in Human History 

“When it’s Halloween, everyone is entitled to a good little scare!”. You may be surprised to know that the ritual of celebrating a day called Halloween, can be traced back to at least a century. It is believed that people have been celebrating this day even before the birth of Jesus Christ. The day is

30 Most Hilarious Dog Haircuts

Pet owners are full of surprises. They experiment with their pets all the time, sometimes by getting them cute accessories, and other times by giving them hilarious haircuts. Dog owners are especially notorious when it comes to haircuts as most dogs usually have a hefty amount of hair to play around with. You can make

12 Lovely Paw-Print Craft Ideas Any One Can Try

Cherishing your dog and making moments special with them is something that dog owners look forward too. Your time with your fuzzy friend can be made much more memorable by sharing a special time with them. This gives you an opportunity to bond. And it becomes even better when you’re left with a souvenir in


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