10 Popular Cat Breeds with Big Ears

Do you love cuddling the big size eared kitty? Isn’t it amazing to explore the variety of feline friends? The oversized ears of cats look impressive and enable them to capture the smallest hunting sounds. Cats can listen to the smallest jingles and crinkles to keep track of every footstep entering the house.

Cat breeds with big ears have a distinct type of personality and appearance. Hanging on with this agile and gutsy animal could be an exciting experience. So, let’s delve into the best long-eared cat breeds to make the best picks!

Popular Cat Breeds with Big Ears

Below is a list of the best cat breeds with elongated ears, which could be your best buddy and a jolly member at home.

1. Abyssinian– Most fun-loving cat breed flaunting big ears is the famous Abyssinian. The outward erected ears allow them to stay alert and have good listening skills. You can get an impression of tiny lions with their sight and their impressive agility seconds it. These tender feline friends can lead an active lifestyle, and you can expect them to hop around you all the time. The average span of these cats is 12-15 years, and they weigh 8-10 pounds on average. Though they often lead a healthy life, medical issues like hypothyroidism and cardiomyopathy are common.

2. Cornish Rex– Next amazing cat with a wild appearance is Cornish Rex. These furry friends are stout, and their bat-like ears appear very prominent. The fragile cats might also appear lethargic, but they are very active and happy to entertain you. It is impossible to miss out on their wits and the fun-loving nature. Cornish Rex kitties are also termed as ‘greyhounds’ and come in various colors, starting from pristine white to black coral shade. Their average life span is 15-20 years while weighing almost 6-8 pounds. Training these cats is pretty simple, and you can explore a brilliant pet in them.

3. Sphynx– This cat breed appears unique with wrinkled skin and no fur at all. However, many feline lovers get captivated by their bald looks. Pretty round eyes, bat-type ears, and triangular heads grab the people’s attention all around. This fantastic acrobatic performer manages to seek a good position in your sight easily. You can count on them if looking for a pet who roams around the whole place as a happy soul. The tentative lifespan of this kitty is 15-20 years, while they hold an average weight of 8-10 pounds. Due to the absence of fur, they do not need daily sponging, and the skin produces natural oils.

4. Devon Rex– If cats with prominent ears fancy you, this gigantic eared kitty is a great option. Devon Rex originates from England and is happy to entertain you with their silly things. These cats are playful and if you have kids at home, go for them without a second thought. They also love to indulge in exciting games like hide & seek and fetch a ball, making them a perfect pet for families with kids. The average weight of these kittens is 7-12 kg, and they live for almost 15-20 years. The Rex is the happy cat, and they purr when happy.

5. Oriental– While exploring top cat breeds with big ears, the oriental Siamese cats also trend on our list. This is a distinct breed with variations in coat color who hold good wits and are very loyal to their masters. The breed came into existence in the 1920s when people identified these kittens as oriental shorthair and oriental longhair. These cats exist in more than 300 patterns, and they do not mostly get along easily as they are introverted. If you wish to keep dogs and cats together, go for them. They weigh around 7-12 pounds, and the average lifespan is 15-20 years.

6. Savannah– The famous Savannah is another option in the list of top cat breeds with big ears. These hybrid cats are a popular crossbreed of ‘African Serval’ and pertain to a jolly nature. You can spot them in exotic colors, and they are avid swimmers. Spending time with these interesting kitten friends is always a great idea.

7. Javanese– Javanese cat is also a very swift, athletic, and frisky breed, a descendant of the Balinese and Siamese breed. It is a beautiful large cat flaunting its endearing big ears and resembles their close cousins. This cat holds an active character and loves to hike over the top spaces. Javanese derive their name due to their close connection with their Balinese counterparts.

8. Chausie– Also known as the ‘Jungle cat,’ the Chausie derives their real name from the Latin term ‘Felis Chaus.’ It is a hybrid cat breed from the 1990s created by crossbreeding of Jungle and Abyssinian cats. These kittens are quite graceful while they inherit wild looks from their ancestors. You can easily notice them with the tall ears stretching outwards. These energetic and friendly demeanors demand your attention though.

9. Egyptian Mau– They get the word ‘Mau’ from an Egyptian abbreviation of Cats. Popular archaeologists identify these kittens from Egypt, and they are devoted to humans having a pleasant tone. Their long ears curve straight, keeping them vigilant all time. Its an athletic cat breed that can zoom away at a great speed.

10. Balinese– The final pick for the top cat breeds with big ears is the Balinese long-haired friend, a perfect crossbreed of Siamese and domestic kitten. Their triangular-shaped head and long ears help them climb up the jungles flawlessly. You can spot them accompanying their owners in their leisure time along with other pets.

Cat breeds with big ears appear cuter, and it also supports them in a strong defense mechanism. Nature has blessed them with big ears to sustain in wilds and detect the vicious brutes or sounds from far away. Whether they intend to catch the prey, these ears work as a strong support system. If you are a feline lover, be an owner to an exotic big-eared kitty who would amaze and astonish you with their every move!

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