50 Animals sleeping Pictures to Relax your Mind

As animal lovers, catching a glimpse of our furry friends always puts a smile on our face. But there’s something about seeing animals sleeping that’s so cute it hurts. Maybe it’s because it’s when they’re at their most vulnerable, and there’s some maternal instinct that kicks in. Maybe it’s soothing watching their bellies rise and fall. Or maybe we’re envious of their ability to just plop down anywhere and snooze away. No matter what the reason, it’s deeply satisfying. So if you’re in need of some comforting content, check out these photos of animals sleeping pictures.

1. These curled-up kittens – They look like they’re having the world’s best sleepover.

2. This out-cold panda – Well, someone clearly had a long day at the office.

3. This puppy bedmate – Dogs always want to be involved in whatever you’re doing. So if you say it’s naptime, it’s naptime!

4. This sleepy seal – Life’s a beach for this little guy.

5. Lion having a well-deserved rest – It’s not easy being king of the jungle, you know?

6. Raccoon whose blanket is the sun – Anyone who’s ever passed out watching Netflix is familiar with this position.

7. Deer who looks like Bambi – This looks straight out of a fairy-tale.

8. Elephant mommy and baby duo – elephants can sleep standing up. This would really come in handy at rush hour on the train.

9. Snoozing tiger – They really are just big cats, aren’t they?

10. Nimble koala – It would take a human a lot of yoga and meditation to achieve this level of zen.

11. This group of pigs – Imagine snoozing for that long!

12. This squirrel that’s tucked in for the night – There’s nothing cuter than when they curl their little paws into their chest.

13. This cat that looks like he’s had a rough night – It’s OK, buddy, we’ve all been there.

14. This penguin in repose – Penguins often sleep for short periods of time during the day and, yes, this is how they do it.

15. This cozy duck – Ducks sleep with their beaks tucked into their feathers for warmth, and it couldn’t be cuter.

16. This puppy sleeping on his back – This position is one of the many things that make corgis the best pets.

17. This excellent sleeping companion – woman sleeping with French bulldog photos of snoozing dogs. It’s not just us. Science says women sleep better with a dog in the bed—as opposed to a cat or even another person.

18. This gentle giant – red Panda is sleeping – That feeling when you close your eyes just for a minute while writing your term paper.

19. This French slumber party – French bulldog puppies sleeping on grass photos of snoozing dogs. There’s no better pillow.

20. This dog in a sleeping mask – He’s got Monday morning vibes… except it looks like he’ll be sleeping in till the late afternoon.

21. This lazy koala – This is basically a hard-working dad in a hammock after a long day of grilling at a barbecue.

22. This very comfortable lion – Who needs a fancy pillow? A rock can do just fine.

23. This slumbering ox – This sleeping ox is in meditative state.

24. This cow calf- The very essence of calm

25. First, look at this lounging lioness

26. Now, look at this snoozing squirrel

27. And this sleepy walrus.

28. Here’s a sloth just dozing’ off

29. Oh and here’s a group monkey nap

30. Group naps are the best.

31. This eagle is just resting his eyes, he swears

32. And this sea lion is like “Just five more minutes??”

33. Look at this curled-up koala though:

34. And this zonked out guy:

35. This bear is like ugh, 7 months of hibernation was not enough

36. Meanwhile, there’s just a cute chimpanze  here:

37. And more chimpanzee snoozles here

38. These flamingos at its finest: Okay, very big neck.

39. Do you think chameleon lizard snore? Check this out.

40. Do otters spoon -For the sleeping nutria, and for the baby nutria.

41. And tortoise definitely dream, right – Hell, Yes

42. This snake is so clearly tuckered out:

43. And this moose is simply in her element

44. Hanging Bats

45. And perfectly sleepy rhion

46. And relaxing raccoon

47. Show of hands if this big guy made you yawn, too

48. You have just taken orders from a leopard.

49. And also if you audibly cooed at your screen over this sleeping snow leopard

50. Squirrels are strategic about their forty winks, we’ll give them that

51. Meanwhile, whale can do it standing up, which is honestly as well as impressive

52. And bb deer’s apparently, yes, look just like Bambi when they’re catching their Z’s


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