15 Cute Facts of Corgi for Kids

Are you a dog lover? Then, you must be familiar with many dog breeds. Well, the corgi is a small breed of dog. It comes from whales. In simple words, the term fits best for those compact pups, who are famous for their short legs and tiny tails. But there’s much more to know about corgis and you can actually find plenty of fluffy balls of happiness by reading this post. So, check below mentioned cute facts of corgi for kids from a corgi lover and you’ll be glad you decided to get one for yourself.

1.  Corgi meansDwarf Dogs’.
The word corgi literally means ‘Dwarf dog’ in welsh, which is basically what they are. Most of the corgis contribute to 10 and 12 inches height and weigh between 23 and 28 pounds. And, if you’ve ever spend time with a dwarf dog, you must have noticed that their short statures make them look incredibly cute.

2. Corgis are Smart.

Cute Facts of Corgi for Kids
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Corgis have great logistical powers. They always need some sort of task to accomplish, otherwise they get bored easily. Luckily, plenty of dog puzzles are available out in the market to occupy brilliant corgis such as – shell games, throwing the ball.

3. Corgis are Loyal Dogs that will always be there for you.
Generally, dogs are faithful animals. They usually prefer to lounge on the couch and let you do your own thing. Following you all over your house is in their nature and this is the reason – when you go to bathroom, they wait outside. And, you will truly adore – when they hang around your ankles all the time.

4. Corgi proves to be your Best Friend and a Great Competitor.

Cute Facts of Corgi for Kids
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Yes, corgi dogs are expert herders. They are also known for their intelligence, caring nature and enthusiasm for performing multiple tasks in a single time. Many dogs even compete in sports such as – herding, obedience and agility.

5. Corgis live up to 12 to 15 years of age.
This is among one of the cute facts of corgi for kids. They are relatively healthy as compared to other dog breeds and has a non-life threatening history. On an average, they have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

6. Corgis Are Not Hypoallergenic.
These dogs are double-courted and shed a lot. While they shed, comes more dander – a common allergen found in dogs and cats. So, if you are allergic get a different type of animal.

7. Corgis Are Cuddly.

Cute Facts of Corgi for Kids
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All dogs are different in nature, behavior and skills. But personalities of corgi dogs often match with their owners, so the fact that my corgi is a cuddle friend is because I’m intensely affectionate.

8. Corgis love Attention.
They hate being ‘alone’ and loves spending time both inside and outside. Some people consider this as exhausting thing, but if you’re a corgi-lover – you’ll never feel exhausted and love showing affection to your dog.

9. They Love to Boop.
Are you in search of cute facts of corgi for kids? Don’t forget considering this point as an important one. A ‘Boop’ is a condition when corgi gets close to your face and love to smacks their little snouts against your nose, as a mark of extra love and affection.

10. Corgis are Easy to Train.

Cute Facts of Corgi for Kids
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Undoubtedly, we can say that corgis are smart, obedient, and loyal. Their ultimate aim is to please, which is a must trait for getting trained. Within 15 minutes of time period they can learn ‘sit ’and ‘shake’. And we bet, they will enjoy every moment of it.

11. Corgi Sploot is the best thing ever.
Well, a sploot is a special type of stretch when corgis splay their little paws out and butts resemble like two chicken wings that are impossible to squeeze. In short, sploot is the trademark move of the corgi.

12. Corgi Look mind-blowing in Outfits.
Believe us, they look extremely adorable in a variety of outfits. When dressed impressively – corgi puppies look like little footballs or stumpy baby bears.

13. Corgis are very energetic.
Dog lovers usually consider corgis among optimal energy level of dogs. They are very active and you can easily spend your entire day outside with them, without worrying about them getting tired and restless. You can always make out how your corgi feels based on his or her facial expressions. And, when they make cartoonish faces you always laugh-out loudly.

14. They are Vigilant Watchdogs.

Cute Facts of Corgi for Kids
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One of the major drawback of corgis breed is that they tends to bark a lot. On the other side, you can’t neglect the fact that they are extra-ordinary attentive and protective. Plus, they will never leave you alone in any circumstances and make best bodyguards.

15. Corgis enjoy the company of other animals.
Another cute fact of corgi for kids to know is that corgis are very sociable and friendly with other pet animals. You must have heard about corgi meetups happening every month, where corgi owners bring their pet dogs together at one place for an elegant gathering. Even when they fight, the scene looks quite funny because it looks like two teddy bears are trying to wrestle on their hind legs.

Now, we hope it’s quite clear to you why corgis are among one of the most popular breeds today and these cute facts of corgi will surely bring a smile on your face. Despite the fact that these little guys make the perfect family pet, there are still many precautions that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that your home is ready for a corgi dog to call home.

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