12 Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds

Small dogs are so cute! They are a miniature bundle of personal joy that runs over to you to love you more than you love them. They are super-mischievous and never betray you. Dogs come in a trillion of sizes, colors, behaviors, and appearances! Moreover, if you are planning to adopt one, you should every damn thing about it. These little fellas become a part of your family in no time but there is one huge disadvantage to small long-haired dog breeds; it is toilsome to clean up their mess of hair all around. However, according to a survey, 90 percent human prefer smaller dogs as their companions than the large ones. Are you confused about it? Don’t you worry! We have got you a list and information of Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds to consider before adopting one.

Here, we’ve come up with a row of the Long Haired Dog Breeds around the world. Dog lovers, if you’re thinking of having a pet, this is for you. Non- dog lovers, you might want to have a pet dog after reading this blog.

Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds

Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds


Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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This cute little breed of the toy group holds its roots in the central Mediterranean area- Malta and thus has its name – Maltese. In addition, this Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds comes under the category of hypoallergenic dog breed, which means if you are allergic to dogs and still want to have one, then this one is amongst the best ones for you.

How to Groom your Maltese

  • You can groom your Maltese to have a long and beautiful coat, but then you have to comb it every third day.
  • We suggest you give them a puppy cut, trimming or shaving off their entire body to a length that is about 1 to 2 inch all over.


Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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Havanese dog, which is the national dog of Cuba, is actually a crossbreed that was developed form blanquito de la Habana, which then descended form bichon Tenerife, both extinct. They are also famous as “Havana silk dog”.

How to Groom your Havanese

  • Their coat needs to be combed 2 to 3 times every week as they are prone to tangles in curly hair than in silky ones.
  • If you want the ease of this task, you can simply get your dog a “puppy cut” with the length of its hair to be about 2 inches.

Yorkshire terrier

Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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The little Yorkie or Yorkshire terrier ages back to 19th century England, from a place Yorkshire, which it got its name. This dog breed is small and was mainly bred to get rid of mill rats.

How to Groom Yorkshire terrier

  • Yorkshire terrier is high maintenance dog breed and you will have to comb them every day to maintain their long silky coat.
  • Although, you may cut their hair short for ease of maintenance, usually their coat is kept long and is trimmed to floor length so that the dog can move around easily.
  • You should wrap their coat in paper or plastic after applying coconut oil lightly, to avoid tangles in it.

Japanese Chin

Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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This cross-eyed toy group dog, also known as Japanese spaniel, is very important in Japanese nobility. Although its origins are still unknown, many believe that these dogs root back to ancient China and according to a story, they were given to Japanese royalty in 732 AD, as a present from Korean rulers.

Grooming you Japanese Chin

  • You may let their coat grow with a minimal trimming if required.
  • They do not require daily brushing, so you may comb their hair once a week, but pay utmost attention to the skirt and the area under the legs and ears.

Coton de Tuléar

Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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Coton de Tuléar A.K.A Cotie is a toy dog that has a cotton-like coat and has originated from Madagascar. Moreover, it has its name after the city Tuléar that is in Madagascar. If you touch the coat of a Cotie, it feels more like a cotton ball rather than fur.

How to groom your Cotie

Maintaining your cutie’s coat is one seriously difficult task as you will have to bathe them every week and comb their coat daily, otherwise, it will start matting.

Lhasa Apso

Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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This little non-sporting canine breed has its origins in Tibet, where it was bred to alert the Buddhist monks about an intruder in the monasteries, therefore, these dogs make great house dogs and are friendly with all age groups.

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How to care for Apso

  • Since they originate from a place near the Himalayas, this breed mostly has 2 coats, undercoat, and outer coat.
  • You need to comb and bathe them in a set routine of a week or so to remove debris, dirt and any shredded hair.
  • You may trim their hair to be 3 inches in length all over if you want.


Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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Lowchen A.K.A little lion dog is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. It originated in Europe, most probably in France and is a non-sporting, toy dog group breed. These are hypoallergic too, so don’t give second thoughts before adopting it.

How to care for Lowchen

  • Now, there’s a reason to call them lion dogs, that is, they are given a cut to look like male lions.
  • Shave off their back legs, haunches, front legs except for ankles and bracelets 1/3 tail and let the rest grow like a lion.


Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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This butterfly eared breed is of spaniel type and is also known as continental toy spaniel. Papillon, a name for butterfly in French, is given this name because of its notable ears and is found in Belgium, France.

How to groom Papillon

  • You can define the hair at their ears to attract more attention to it but trimming it in a waterfall kind of look.
  • Keep the rest of the body trim to a 3-inch length and brush their coat every third day.


Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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Pekingese is one of the ancient dogs that originated in China. They resemble Chinese guardian lions hence they are also called Peking lion dog. They are also a part of designer crossbreeds like peekapoo, a cross with a poodle and peke-a-tese, a cross with a Maltese.

How to care for Pekingese

  • For easy maintenance, keep them in puppy cut than show cut.
  • For a proper grooming, get their hair trimmed every 2 months and brush its coat daily.


Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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Although its origins are unclear, they are from either France or Germany. Poodles are standard dogs and are the second most intelligent dog breed. Poodles are mostly groomed and famous for dog shows.

How to care for poodles

  • Poodles are non-shedding dogs, but their hair that has shed is tangled in their coat creating matting in the fur.
  • To avoid this, get a low maintenance cut for your poodle and brush their coat daily.


Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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Pompom or Pomeranian, are spitz-type dogs that have their origins in the Pomerania region in Central Europe. They are descendants of German Spitz breed and are also called zwergspitz or dwarf spitz.

How to care for Poms

  • You need to brush them daily to keep their coat untangled, as their undercoats hair may get stuck in the outer coat, and create tangles that irritate the dog.
  • Also, get their hair trimmed every 2 months for proper maintenance.

Silky Terrier

Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds
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Silky terrier, often found and developed in Australia, has its ancestors from Great Britain. They have a super silky coat and are called Australian silky terrier in regions other than Australia.

How to care for silky terrier

  • Maintain a silky terrier’s coat is tough, as you will have to comb, brush and shampoo it regularly to keep them that way.
  • Groom them every three weeks to avoid matting and tangles.

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Petting a dog is like having one more member in your family, who would jump around you most of the time. However, having said that, these Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds require intensive care and maintenance than any other regular small haired dog breed. Get any of your doubts clear before adopting these breeds as it is going to be a tough task nurturing them.

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