40 Cute Baby Dogs with their Mother

Whether or not you are a mother yourself, we can all admit that moms definitely rock. Between their kisses, snuggles, and love for their children, moms are the best. In this post, we’re sharing relationship goals of mamma dogs and their puppies that are sure to warm your heart!

Cute Baby Dogs with their Mother

1. German Shepherd running with puppy

This mamma looks like she’s training her pup for the big leagues! The little one will be finding their own big sticks in no time.

2. French Bulldog cleaning puppy’s belly

This dog mom looks like she’s checking up on her baby. A mother’s work never seems to end!

3. Black dog nuzzling puppy

This puppy looks like it is trying to convince mamma to let him go out with their friends.

Considering the look this mother dog is giving her pup; we are guessing she’s feeling a bit suspicious. Moms definitely have a sixth sense for these kinds of things!

4. Pug and puppy playing

In honor of all those times that our moms sat and listened to us, we have this adorkable Pug puppy excitedly telling his mom about his day. Thanks mom for all the times you listened… when you probably didn’t feel like it!

5. Black and white dog with her puppy

We can’t help but notice how this mom passed on her good looks to her cute pup. Thanks to all the mammas out there who shared their good looks with us.

6. Spaniels is getting overprotective with her puppy

This mamma dog is carefully making sure her pup is fine from head to toe. Her pup may not appreciate this now, but we’re guessing they’ll look back on their mom’s nurturing fondly maybe in a few years.

7. White dog lying next to puppy in basket

This mamma dog and her pup are posing for the camera. This mamma dog has thought of it all between the basket, gray background, and perfect posing. 

8. Dog nursing her puppies

We don’t know how this mamma dog does it. Six puppies is a lot to manage. Between feeding them, keeping them out of trouble, and nurturing them, we can understand why she’s making that face!

9. Husky wearing bandana with puppies

This fashionista knows her puppies need plenty of room to scamper around and burn off energy. This beautiful park gives her the perfect opportunity to soak up some rays while her pups play.

10. Mom kissing her puppy


Whether you hurt yourself or are just having a bad day, a mother’s kiss always makes it better. This mamma dog is affectionately kissing her pup. 

11. Mother holding seven cute puppies 

Longer arms were created with the purpose of holding more cute puppies, right or at the very least for holding up cameras to take pictures of them?

12. Cute husky puppy giving high fives 

Nothing encourages happiness quite like a double high-five from a cute puppy

13. Cute beagle puppy getting snugged in a hammock 

Is it just us, or does this little guy in a hammock make you want to climb right in and snuggle all day?

14. Five cute puppies and their mother are pinned to a clothesline by their pajamas 

Forget everything you know about laundry. This puppy picture of these little guys being actively involved in the laundry process is the only thing we’ll ever need to get us excited about cleaning.

15. Three cute pups walk together holding one stick by their mother

As if you weren’t a big enough fan of unity, these fuzzy German Shepard pups will lead you directly to the land of teamwork and friendship.

16. Three cute puppies and mom rolling in the grass 

You know how the song goes, and these puppies, much like Justin Timberlake, also have that good soul in their feet.

17. Two cute puppies and mother chewing on pumpkin stems 

This is the one kind of PSL we’re positive everyone can get on board with. What’s not to love about cute puppy pictures like this one?

18. Cute puppies share one tennis ball and mom is staring at them

These squishy golden pups may be playful, but we’re dead serious about the cuteness level being near maximum capacity.

19. Mom dog with seven cute puppies on the floor 

This one is for the moms. Just about every mom in the world will relate to this gorgeous load of pups snuggled right up to their matriarch. Is there anything more adorable or relatable? 

20. An anonymous vet holds a cute puppy and the mom is confused

Is there a doctor in the house? Help! Someone, please check to see if we’re still breathing, because we’re close to bursting over this snuggle pup. A lot is going on behind those puppy eyes and mommy does not know what to do.

21. Cute corgi puppy walks in the grass

Aren’t Corgi pups just the cutest little things? Look at this guy just living his best life.


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