5 Differences Between Bunny and Rabbits- Interesting Facts You Must Know

Have you ever heard of an Easter bunny? Are you aware of these cute, little, fluffy and adorable creatures? And how are rabbits different from them? This is a cynical differentiation, yet we would bring to your 5 key facts based on which you can distinguish between two similar animal species at a glance.

Were you also of the impression that bunnies are female rabbits or hares? Then you are getting it all wrong. Then how do we recognize the difference? Bunny is a love-filled connotation for the cute baby rabbit. To put it straight, bunnies are the baby version of grown-up rabbits. Are you well-versed with the fundamental difference between the donkey and mule or the leopard and jaguar? If yes, identifying the distinction between Bunny and rabbit can get easier!

 What Does the word Bunny Mean?

Before scratching your minds over the differences between Bunny and rabbits, it is imperative to sort out your confusion. Can you term Bunny as a rabbit? The word Bunny evolved from the term ‘bun’ to address both squirrels and rabbits in England. Both Bunny and rabbit belong to the same animal family.

Bunny refers to the baby rabbit, who are very endearing and charming creatures that make your heart melt with one glance. They are the rabbit babies with tiny tails and small legs to hop over here and there. Newborn baby rabbits are also known as Kittens, and they are blind and devoid of fur on their skin. They stay in burrows and are very tender creatures.

Are Bunny and Rabbits Same?

The word bunny makes baby rabbits look all the cuter, and it’s a relatable term to small human babies as well. Rabbits and bunnies both are of the class Mammalia and belong to the family Leporidae. Their species is divided into multiple genera. Children are often fond of bunnies, and they love to pet these cute and little friendly creatures with them.

While learning about the differences between bunnies and rabbits, you need to analyze the smallest aspects as they are very intricate. Bunnies are the baby versions, while rabbits are the fully grown, long-eared energetic and enthusiastic adults. You can easily spot the difference as they vary in size. Let’s delve below to identify other ways to differentiate between Bunny and rabbits.

5 Differences Between Bunny and Rabbits

  • Origination– Bunny derives its name from the term ‘Bun’ popularly used in England to call squirrels or rabbits. On the other hand, Rabbits derive their name from the term ‘ravet’ that is a middle-aged English term.
  • SizeBunnies are small-sized baby rabbits who appear like pristine cotton balls from a far distance. They also have small legs and a very short tail, along with round faces and small ears. Rabbits are more popular and recognized due to their peculiar body structure and attributes. There are over 300 known species of rabbits to date. The most ancient are European rabbits, who have an average body length of 8-20 inches. They also weigh around 8-11 lbs. both bunnies and rabbits have small legs and long ears, making them appear prominently from the same animal family. Do you think rabbits are only white? They are existent in various hues such as grey, brown, white, black and even a combination of various colours.
  • DietBunnie’s diet is comprised of their mother’s milk solely. As they are small babies, they feed on the natural milk derived from their parent rabbit. On the contrary, adult rabbits have a varied diet but fodder mainly on different vegetation types. Rabbits usually munch on flowering plants, weeds, shrubs, pine needles, or clover. A secret to their well-trimmed and shiny white teeth is they keep chewing twigs and tree barks to look excellent.
  •  Coat– Moving to the next differences between bunnies and rabbits, baby bunnies are animals without any fur. The ones without fur are referred to as kittens. They develop fur around a week after they are born. Within 12 days, they cover up themselves with a fluffy coat which appears very attractive. However, it lasted from a couple of months to a few years. After that, the rabbits start shedding off those fluffy coats and start getting into the smooth adult coats. You can figure it out quickly with a glimpse of a few pictures showing the differences between bunnies and rabbits.
  • Name– Baby rabbits are referred to as kitties, kittens or kits. People also popularly term them as Bunny though its not their official name. Other names for a rabbit are cottontails, jackrabbits or corners. The female rabbit is referred to as a doe or the jill. And the male rabbit is known as a buck or the jack.


Suppose you are a real animal lover, its fascinating to explore new facts about different animals and get acquainted with their diversities. Bunny and rabbits are often referred to as a single animal, and you are partially wrong and partially right out there.

Well, scientifically, both rabbits and bunnies have the same orientation. Do get back for more such fascinating revelations from the animal world and how they are differed based on different physical and natural attributes. Enjoy exploring such new facts!

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