10 Pet Photography Tips and Techniques (Click like a PRO)

Those lovey-dovey, energetic and loyal pets are such a love. You must have tried to capture them in a click. They are never still and this is the most difficult angle of the best shot. If you decide to shot a pet photo with sports photography technique, you must have understood this also doesn’t work for them. So, what to do for that adorable pet photograph?

Here is the answer to your worries. You can practice Pet Photography Tips and Techniques and get an amazing click of your pet. You need to be patient and sporty to capture a click. It is not that easy but not that impossible too. So gear up your muscles and let’s get started. Here we present some List of Animals whose names start with the letter “A”. Have a look-

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques (Click like a PRO)

The patient is the key

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

Patience is the secret of best photographs and you need to be extra patient in case of the pets. You have to wait for their perfect mood to start your photography. Let them take their own time to settle down.

While shooting pets other than yours, you can take the assistance of the family member along whom the pet feels secure and relax. This one is the most important thing to remember while gathering Pet Photography Tips and Techniques.

Props can direct them

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

These pet subjects are always active and moving which makes it more difficult to capture them in a direction. You can use their favorite toy or the props they can stare at. These props will help in giving direction to the pets.

You can hold these props in the direction of the camera to make them give expressions for the shot. Experiment with the props and pet’s expression to get the best one.

Develop that special bond

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

Pets get aggressive or too shy to unknown people. It is very necessary to make them comfortable with you. They can be still and energetic only if they are comfortable with you around. To shoot a family member photograph you must prior get knowledge of their pet. What are his favorite toys to play with? What makes him angry and what can cool him down. Knowing the pet will be much helpful for the best shot. You must keep in mind this cool trick in Pet Photography Tips and Techniques.

Head outside for natural light

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

You must understand the lights and temperature of the shooting venue. If you are planning a shoot in a studio, you must keep the light sources ready. You will find natural light works best in pet photography. You can choose to work near windows or doors for natural light exposure. Head outside if you need extra light and exposure.

The setting

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

This is from experts of Pet Photography Tips and Techniques. You must use the fast shutter speed to capture those moving pets. You can set your camera to manual mode or adjust the shutter mode to the maximum. This shutter speed setting will capture fast shots in sequence so that you don’t miss that best click. Let the autofocus work continuously which will give you soft images.

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Down to their eye level

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

You need to capture expressions of the pets when you are working on Pet Photography Tips and Techniques. For such expressions, you must bend down to their eye level. Be like professional photographers who cuddle the ground for pet photography.

When you click photos from their eye level, you get the best view of their expressions with popped eyes.

Catch their actions

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

Pets love to dig, roll, play and jump. Let them enjoy what they love and try to click such in action photographs. You can collect special actions like a cat silently watching the raindrops. This technique will surely give the best natural photograph of the pet. You may keep a prop ready and shoot the pet exploring that new unknown thing like a small wooden box.

Shortlist the concept

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

Try to choose a theme or concept in your photograph. Photographs have the potential to speak what words can never explain. You can capture the dog eagerly waiting for his buddy by staring at the door.

This is an intelligent trick in Pet Photography Tips and Techniques. You can attract your viewers with such a photograph with a silent message.

The non-verbal communication

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

Understand the language pets know. You can’t instruct them with your voice to give the pose for a click. You must practice nonverbal communication to be friendly with the pets and get the best photo. Never hover over the pets do sit or stand up, it is the worst way to practice the shoot.

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Control your movements

Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

Pets are too eager to know what you are doing. Your single movement may make them move from their still position. You should walk slowly to capture them naturally. Pets like cats are too sensitive to your movements hence it is very important to be slow in your action.

You must have explored all these Pet Photography Tips and Techniques and understood that this pet photography technique is the combination of child photography, portrait photography and yes, the sports photography. You have to adapt all the above tips before picking up your camera.

If you would like to try out macro photography and are looking for some ideas, why are we here for? Of course, to help you with some Beautiful Pictures of Animals Macro Photography stills.

You need to make sure about the surroundings and situations are all set to capture a shot. The distracting objects should be cluttered first. Pets get attracted towards them quickly which will spoil all your efforts. With all the above tricks, your experience will count the most. Counter those tricks you come along yourself as you know your pet better than all. Let’s start with the art of pet photography and click those adorable shots of the most eager family member.

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