How to make Healthy Cat Food: 7 Things must Include

Adopting a new cat and bringing it to your home does not make you accomplish the task. You are responsible for looking after each and every small thing with utmost love and care. Cat foods are becoming quite popular these days for their well being but choosing the proper product is the correct decision. Because providing your cat with a nutritious diet is essential for her good health and happy life. Are you confused about which type of cat food is best for your friend’s health? Work closely with your Vet to understand how to make healthy cat food and you’ll get to know about the nutritionally balanced option that’s right for your pet.

How to make Healthy Cat Food

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Cats are unique in nature and their attachment to specific kinds of food they intake, so it becomes difficult to get them to change to other forms of food. The best way to keep her healthy is to increase your knowledge about the best cat food ingredients and how they will benefit your furry friend. For this reason, we recommend a few items or things you must include in your cat food with the hope that they will accept the change.

How to make Healthy Cat Food

1. Minerals
How to make Healthy Cat Food

The important minerals that must be included in a cat’s diet are calcium and phosphorus to help facilitate healthy body functioning. The overall nutritional balance of a cat’s diet is not only affected by the levels of minerals individually, in fact, but it also depends on the interactions between them. For this reason, it becomes important to educate yourself about the right mineral amounts when choosing cat food.
How to make Healthy Cat Food

Water is the single most important nutrient or thing you must include in your cat’s food for sustaining cells and healthy body functioning. Try preparing a diet that is rich in unprocessed proteins and water. Cats fed on canned foods, which contain as much as 75 percent of water, so drinking small quantities of water after a few hours will suffice.
How to make Healthy Cat Food

A cat is a rigidly conservative creature who only likes eating the food he knows, so always keep this in mind. Feeding the little babies increases the requirement of vitamins dramatically in cats. So, care should be taken and food supplements rich in Vitamin A should be given in small quantities. Usually, a minimally processed cat food diet fulfills vitamin requirements naturally with the use of whole foods like – meat, chicken, and fish.

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How to make Healthy Cat Food

Excited to learn, how to make healthy cat food? This is by far the most basic ingredient to look for in cat’s food. You must include rich protein sources other than ‘meat’ in your cat’s food such as – chicken, lamb, salmon, etc. Cats need protein for energy and to maintain healthy skin and coat. Plus, an adequate amount of proteins is essential to support lean muscle mass of cats.
5. Milk
How to make Healthy Cat Food

When you think of giving milk to cats, you’re probably thinking of cow’s milk. This type of milk is not a healthy option for most cats. Consuming cow’s milk alone will not supply all the essential nutrients needed to improve your cat’s health. You can choose to go for commercial cat foods that contain dried milk powder. And, this could be the reason why some cats tolerate prepared food than cow’s milk.

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6. Essential Fatty Acids
How to make Healthy Cat Food

A popular fat source ‘chicken fat’ is the most important thing you must include in your cat’s food. This can be used as a good source of energy as well as a source of essential fatty acids. High-quality cat food must contain fat between 20-40% of total daily calorie intake. For rich fat sources, you can also see sunflower oil and other premium-quality oils.
7. Vegetables and Grains
How to make Healthy Cat Food

Vegetables and grains prove to be great starters for a healthy-nutritional meal for your cat. Some other ingredients like species and extracts such as – ginger, rosemary, chamomile and fennel are not just good to add flavor, in fact, they are quite nutritious. Creating a recipe that provides the right and balanced amount of nutrients to your cat is extremely difficult, so it’s advisable to talk to Veterinarians before attempting to create one.

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Have you noticed your cat’s dietary requirements vary from yours in several aspects? The reason is quite simple that a cat is a carnivore and man is an omnivore. Today, we take immense pride in providing our wonderful cat owners and other animal caretakers the important information regarding how to make healthy cat food and decide which cat food will give your cat the nutrition she needs and the flavor she enjoys. The most important nutrients you must look when choosing the best cat food are protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Plus, certain vitamins and minerals are also vital to a cat’s well – being.
So, we hope next time before adopting a new cat, you’ll surely prepare your home with all the necessary stuff.

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