How to Clean Cat Ears at Home: 5 Easy Steps

Though cats are quite efficient in keeping themselves tidy and fresh, even then also they always appreciate being pampered by their owners when it comes to keeping their ears clean. Luckily, a cat ear has a natural cleaning mechanism that allows the wax to move towards the outer part of the ear, still, regular checks are quite necessary to avoid ear infections and to keep your cat healthy and happy.

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Well! There are no strict rules about how often you should clean cat ears at home and it often varies from cat to cat. If your cat has a constant medical record of ear health issues, cleaning needs to be done daily to ensure that there are no abnormalities like swelling or pain. For this purpose, you can definitely turn to professional Vets, but if you prefer to perform regular ear cleaning with a product approved and safe for cats at home, here are few steps to make the process easier for you.

How to Clean Cat Ears at Home

How to Clean Cat Ears at Home

Step1: Inspect the Outer Ears.

How to Clean Cat Ears at Home

To clean the ears of your cat, it is advisable to bring them to a room where there is no other pet. After assuring that the cat is relaxed, start examining the ears of the cat as a part of its healthy hygiene. You need to look that the outer area of the earflap has no bald patches and its inner part is of pale pink color and it should contain no amount of wax. Remember, if the needful is not done at the right time, then it may result in some serious kind of infection.

Step 2: Keeping all Things Ready.

How to Clean Cat Ears at Home

When learning how to clean cat ears at home, one requires a handful of things and you may also need to have a second person who can help you hold the cat while you clean the ears. Before starting, make sure you have all things ready like – warm distilled water, hydrogen peroxide, liquid ear cleaner, a gauge pad, olive oil for moisturizing the cotton balls and a soft towel. Please note – incorrect use of any materials may result in permanent damage to the cat’s ears.

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Step 3: Placing some drops of Ear Cleaner into the Cat’s Ears.

How to Clean Cat Ears at Home

Give the proper dosage of a good ear cleaner or as recommended on the label instructions. Do this one ear at a time. Also, massage the base of the ear for 20 to 45 seconds so that the liquid cleaner can ‘work in’ properly. While massaging the cat’s ears, one has to be soft and gentle. Do not rub vigorously as this can damage the eardrum.

Step 4: Moisturizing a Cotton Ball and Swabbing the Cat’s Ears.

How to Clean Cat Ears at Home

Learning how to clean cat ears at home is a difficult task to achieve, but with continuous efforts and keeping these steps in mind one can do wonders, believe us! Your next step is to moisten a cotton ball and gently swab the cat’s ears. It is important to note that the cotton ball is not to be pushed too deep into the cat’s ear canal as it might cause damage to the tissue that outlines the canal of the ear and can also rupture your cat’s eardrum.

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Step 5: Provide a Post-Cleaning Treat.

How to Clean Cat Ears at Home

After all the necessary cleaning process is over, it’s a good idea to give your cat a treat as a reward for being too patient. This will not only make the cat happy but will also make it feel special and if the treatment needs to be repeated in the future, they will create less fuss because they know there is a treat waiting for them when the cleaning process is complete.

Cat lovers! Your cat may take some time to get used to having their ears cleaned habits, but with the right products, patience, and gentle handling – you can surely help them keep their ears clean at home. That’s true – Veterinarians know everything about cleaning your cat’s ears and can take care of them easily, but if you have chosen to take care of them at home, then you must follow the above steps on a strict note to make the process go smoothly.

We hope, now you must have understood why it is very important for cat owners to make a routine check and learn how to clean cat ears at home because there are some cats that love getting attention and will sit quietly on your lap while you clean their ears, but there are some other cats that do not like the same way and will continue struggling with you until you leave them alone. Also, remember to choose such a time to clean the ears of the cat when she is quite relaxed and calm.

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Lastly, it is extremely important to maintain healthy hygiene in every manner for humans and in the same way it is important for the cats to have healthy sanitation and safe cleaning habits.

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