10 Facts you Must know about Capybara: Before getting a Pet

Capybaras are well-known species from South American forests for their cute appearance and friendly attitude. Have you ever caught sight of these cute rodents? If you wish to bring them home as a pet and enjoy their company, there are a few important things to check in advance. Capybara’s life, food, habitat, and many other aspects play a pivotal role in understanding them.
Excited to bring home capybara!

Facts you Must know about Capybara

1. Capybaras- The largest rodent in the world

Facts you Must know about Capybara

Yes, you heard that right! With a captivating height of 4 feet and weigh up to 145 pounds, they stand first in the queue of the world’s largest rodent. Other interesting names for these interesting creatures are carpincho, chiguire and capys. They belong to the Hydrochoerus family and at first sight, you might find them similar to a pig. Have you seen guinea pig? Capybaras look similar to them but are a lot more attractive and loving. If you have ample space to keep them as a pet, they could be a wonderful playmate!

2. Capybaras are found in South America
Amongst the important facts, you must know about capybara, their habitat is a vital one. They reside at the east of Andes towards South American and Central riverbanks. You can find them in mushy lands, lakes or near ponds. They are water lovers and need a wet area nearby to stay happy. These rodents have dry skin and frequent water visits help them in natural nourishment. If you happen to visit the ponds and lakes in South America, these creatures might be spotted by you. Take a quick tour to spot capybaras!

3. Capybaras- True Vegetarians!

Facts you Must know about Capybara

Looking at their hefty body built, most people might think they eat a lot of fleshes and meat. But they are the hard-core vegetarians and need a heavy meal to satisfy their appetite. There are a few facts you must know about capybaras to pet them and it is an essential one. The regular meal of this rodent comprises of around 8 pounds of grasses and water plants. With their long and sharp dental structure, the plucking of plants is no hurdle for them. At the unavailability of greenery, they manage to fill the stomach with melons, squash, and grains. They could chew stuff well inclusive of tough plant material. Completely feeding on vegetarian meals, capybaras can stay healthy and weigh up to 150 pounds.

4. Semi-aquatic creatures
Capybaras are of the rabbit size their body structure allows them to enjoy swimming up to a certain depth. With webbed feet structure and short legs, they are known as semi-aquatic animals. During their leisure time, laying down in water gives them a sheer pleasure and enjoyment. Also, when the temperatures are high, water cooling soothes their skin to the core.

5. Capybaras life is up to 12 years

Facts you Must know about Capybara

Catching up on facts you must know about capybaras, their life can extend from 8 to 12 years. However, the baby capybaras might live short as they become easy food for other predators. Before bring them as pets, acquiring these details is vital.

6. Very Friendly Rodents
Capybaras mostly hang out in big groups and are fond of socializing. They also bond well with other animals like cats, monkeys, goats, and puppies. It is fascinating to know that little creatures treat them as ‘living chairs’ to relax upon and the sight is indeed beautiful. You can spot them and capture some interesting images of animals as well.

7. Capybaras move in groups

Facts you Must know about Capybara

You can put it like Capybaras are family creatures. They stay in a group of at least 10 or sometimes more. While spotting these rodents, it is interesting to observe that their group comprises of male, female, and also baby capybaras. The elder ones ensure to keep an eye on the younger ones to safeguard them against anacondas, jaguars, and eagles.

8. Capybaras are very talkative
Capybaras are peppy and noisy. You can hear them chatting around and purring or whistling. If you are planning to get them as your pet, be ready to soak different noises they make. The group noise of these creatures is an alarm to warn about the coming danger.

9. Capybaras are a favorite prey to Jaguar

Facts you Must know about Capybara

Specifically, baby capybaras fall prey to Jaguar as they lack aquatic skills and easily fall prey to dreadful Jaguars. Capybaras can stay beneath water up to 5 minutes and their unique placement of eyes, nostrils, and ears allow them a close escape. Forests in Amazon witness this sight of hiding and seek between the Jaguar and the capybara quite often.

10. Capybara as a pet
Before considering it as a pet, it is essential to glance at facts you must know about Capybara. They are friendly and lovable pets but at the same time need lots of open space and watery surroundings to dwell with comfort. Embracing them with grass and mushy land might be a tricky task in domestic areas. If you can give them a comfy habitat and some chatty time, only then think of buying one.

Glancing at the top facts you must know about the Capybara, it gets simpler to choose a pet. The stomping of marshy land, eating fresh grasses and grains, purring around with buddies, and relaxing in aquatic bodies are the hot favorites of these cute chubby rodents. Keeping them as a pet can be fun but only if their mood does not spoil. You cannot leave them alone as they like clusters. There are also restrictions are few areas to buy or sell them. If all works in your favor including the feasibility of their stay, it is a good idea to bring these rodents as a pet!

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