12 Tips To Stop Dogs From Destructive Chewing

12 Tips to Stop Dogs from Destructive Chewing

When you introduce a pup or a full-grown dog into your family, one of the crucial things that many new pet parents are not prepared for is when the puppy keeps chewing whatever they find. Moreover, it becomes more frustrating when your new family member starts chewing your furniture, shoes, or various household items as their chew toys.

You need to focus your attention to eliminate unsuitable chewing opportunities, offering the right toys, and help your pet find suitable outlets so that they can chew happily. In this way, you will not stress out and can have peace of mind. Read on to know the Tips To Stop Dogs From Destructive Chewing.

1 Proof Your Home

Proof Your Home

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Whether you own a big dog or a pup chewing everything, the first step you need to do is secure your home against your adorable pet. In simple terms, understand what he is chewing and what activities the pet is involved in throughout the day. To begin with, do not leave random stuff out where the dog is easily accessible. Tuck, the electric wires, put the shoes in the drawer, electric cords should be hidden, and do not scatter the kid’s toys all over the house.

Proof Your Home

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Apart from these, please be mindful when leaving human foods that may be toxic to your dog. Additionally, please be extra careful about household cleaners, plants, and medicines. When your puppy consumes something poisonous, always take help. There are animal helpline numbers that you can contact whenever you require assistance. Check their sites to get information such as How to Stop a Puppy from Chewing Everything and others.

2 Provide safe bones and chew toys

Provide safe bones and chew toys

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Please ensure your lovely dog has a lot of bones and toys to chew. If the pet has an excellent selection of items at his disposal, he is bound to get busy. In this way, he will not have to look for other stuff such as a couch, dining table, or shoes to chew.

3 Emphasize mental stimulation

Emphasize mental stimulation

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Involving your dog with puzzles and interactive toys is one of the amazing Tips To Stop Dogs From Destructive Chewing. You have to hide a small piece of food and snacks inside the puzzle, and the pet has to find a way to grab the tasty snack. The puzzle comes in different levels, and it is necessary to engage your pup with such mental stimulation games.

4 Your pet should work out

never shout dog

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If your pet suffers from stimulation or less exercise, then he will start chewing out of boredom. So, the remedy is to take the pet for walks regularly or involve in different games. If he is physically and mentally stimulated, he will not look out for other stuff, and his mind will be focused.

5 Safe Deterrent

Safe Deterrent

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Everyone knows about lemon or apple, but how many are familiar with Bitter Lemon or Bitter Apple? They are specialized prays for making things taste terrible to your pet. The sprays are a highly efficient deterrent for most of the days. However, there are exceptional canines who love to chew their items without caring about the bitter taste. The main objective is to figure out what works perfectly for your animal. At the time of training, give it a try to see how your pet is responding.

6 Divert his attention

Divert his attention

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Whenever you find that your pet is chewing what he is not allowed to, you need to redirect his attention towards you by clapping your hands or making noise, so he stops chewing.  Immediately, replace them with a dog toy or other item that he is allowed to bite or chew.

7 If required, contact a professional

If required, contact a professional

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If you cannot handle your pup, it is high time to visit a trainer or behaviorist. Do not feel ashamed to consult an expert. It will harm your doggy and you if you are frustrated and do not handle the situation with patience.

8 Visit a vet

Visit a vet

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You have tried various ways, including a professional, to control the behavior. The results are still negative. So, what other options you have left? It is time to call a vet as it is one of the recommended Tips To Stop Dogs From Destructive Chewing. Do you know some nutritional deficiencies and medical conditions that cause destructive chewing? Such problems can be solved by taking your dog to a vet.

9 Never shout

Never shout

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You just happened to stumble on his acts and got furious for his misdeeds. Do not ever think to scold him as they live totally in the moment and unaware of why you are shouting.

10 Never close your pup’s mouth

Never close your pup's mouth

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You mustn’t try some stupid ways to keep your dog’s mouth closed to stop him from chewing. In reality, there will be nothing positive and increase his stress level and ultimately lose faith in you.  This is one of the highly effective Tips To Stop Dogs From Destructive Chewing.

11 Avoid confusing him

Avoid confusing him

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Your dog is your family, and for that reason, do not provide any old shoe to chew on as he is not going to understand the difference between a new shoe and a tattered one.

12 Never use the crate to punish

Never use the crate to punish

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Just because you are frustrated and do not know what to do with your dog, stop putting him in the crate. This act will only accelerate his stress, thereby causing frustration and ultimately depression. So, to figure out How to Stop a Puppy from Chewing Everything, contact a professional.

If you can offer different chew options, several play sessions, and opportunities for exploring various exercises and environments, you will have a satisfied dog that only prefers chewing the right items.

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