How Useful for the Giraffe to Have a Long Neck: 20 Facts

The evolution of distinct types of animals is a mystery, and its cynical to identify so many species with unique characteristics. After billions of years, humans identified a unique long-neck animal grazing around known as Giraffe. There are many mysteries and facts associated with how useful for the Giraffe to have a long neck. The sleek and long length neck of this animal has been a popular talk for many years, and it’s interesting to find attributes related to it.

Are you aware that the giraffe neck can grow upto 2 meters long? Does that amaze you? Then, stay back for more unbelievable and interesting facts about this unique animal. Let’s explore many such mind-boggling facts about this printed animal and how useful for the Giraffe to have a long neck.

 Giraffe Long Neck Facts

  1. Feeding- Long neck enables the Giraffe to feed on fruits, flowers easily, and leaves rich in Senegalia or Vachellia. These are the most sought-after tree species that only are under the reach of elephants after Giraffe.
  2. Along with a long neck, the Giraffe also have a long tongue that extends upto 45 cm and adds up to the height of this animal. This gives a vertical extension to the already elongated structure of this animal.
  3. Giraffes can easily browse over the crown of small trees, which is a primary advantage for them. These creatures feed on the broad leaves and deciduous foliage; they stay evergreen in most seasons.

  4. The elaborated neck of the Giraffe also has many other benefits, like registering its dominance over other wild animals in the jungle.
  5. As these giraffes swing over their long necks, they could conveniently give a head-butt to the rivals with a tough jolt.
  6. The reinforced skull of giraffes is very strong, and if he knocks someone with an impact, there’s barely any survival chance for the latter person.

  7. Moving to another set of giraffe long neck facts, their heightened neck allows them to keep a stringent watch over the predators. The tall animals in African Savanna can prevail an expansive sight that helps them look across the entire region and sense the potential terror approaching them.
  8. Many few know that giraffe neck is also supportive in regulating a proper blood supply to their hearts. Their heart weighs around 11 Kgs and needs to generate twice the normal blood pressure of the other mammals for a proper blood supply.
  9. The upper neck of the Giraffe has an intricate pressure-regulation system known as the rete mirabile, which helps in restricting excessive blood flow for the brain. This helps control the pressure and allow blood to flow through the capillary walls with ease.
  10. The thick and tight skin of the giraffe neck keeps it protected from any external forces or accidents and gives sturdy support to it.
  11. The long neck of the Giraffe has an equal count of vertebrae in the neck as compared to that of other mammals and humans. They have7 cervical vertebrae in all, and each one of them can be 25 cm long.
  12. The elongated neck and the lofty structure of the Giraffe make it a good friend to high tree branches. It helps them to intake food directly without the need of bending too much in the downward direction.

  13. Giraffe’s long neck is an advantage, especially when it resides in a wild habitat and has to encounter many dangerous animals.
  14. Nascent Giraffe is an avid browser due to its natural structure that allows them to sneak through the huge Greenlands and forests, thus making them a curious specie.

  15. Giraffe long neck facts are a topic of interest for many biologists who wish to ponder the classic animal species and figure out the benefits of a long neck. They stated that the neck of the Giraffe is a weapon for them to combat in trivial situations.

  16. Another surprising fact about long giraffe neck is that they held it downward or horizontally most of the time rather than exploiting its full length. And female Giraffe is rather fierce and dangerous than their male counterparts.
  17. Giraffe neck is also helpful in ‘neck fights’ that they frequently get into with females and swing them violently over other giraffe heads. Their neck fight might also prove fatal in certain circumstances.

  18. Make Giraffe has a longer neck and better flexibility with its torque, thus making it agile to fight with the other ones. Next time you get to view a giraffe, ponder over its neck length to identify if it’s a male or a female.
  19. While scouting on how useful for the Giraffe to have a long neck, a study shows that elongation helps them to drink from the big waterholes. This helps them to adapt to every situation.
  20. Researchers are also pondering over the evolution of the long length neck of the Giraffe that dates back to 12-14 million years back. This was when most of the giraffes also moved to the African Savannah regions making it a hot spot to find them over.

Was it amazing to know Giraffe Long Neck Facts? A giraffe is a creature who feeds on leaves, and that’s probably the main reason why a long neck helps in adapting to the long trees. The design and overall look of this creature are such that it can easily reach and pluck with mouth all trees having scrumptious leaves, fruits and flowers. Come back for more insights into other animals and species with astonishing facts associated with their existence!



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