10 Dogs that Look Like Bears

As kids, we always heard the saying “dogs are man’s best friend!” Indeed, they are because there are numerous times when a dog has saved the life of their human to an extent that they seriously maimed themselves or even sacrificed themselves for the safety and protection of their human.

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Moreover, a dog is not less than a family member to humans and they trust him more than any human that is not their family. These animals are quite trustworthy with some gorgeous features! Some have long coats, while some do not and they come in various sizes and types. One such prominent feature that we have here today is their cuteness! Yes! These dogs are so cute and fluffy that there is hardly any difference that you can make between a teddy bear and these dogs. These  Dogs that Look Like Bears are so adorable that you cannot hold yourself back from getting to pet them.

Dogs that Look Like Bears 

Alaskan Malamute

Dogs that Look Like Bears

Regarded as an affectionate playful and loyal dog, the Alaskan malamute is one of the Dogs that Look Like Bears. These dogs love snuggling with their human when they are not working, otherwise, these dogs love to work a lot. An Alaskan malamute grows up to 25 inches at their shoulder and gains weight up to 85 pounds. They live for a span of 14 years if are taken well cared. 

Alaskan malamute facts that you would find interesting

  • They have bones that are thicker 
  • Alaskan malamute is the largest one in the arctic dogs.
  • They are not threatening, therefore, do not make good guard dogs.
  • They constantly need to exercise and cannot be kept in closed rooms.

Chow Chow dog

Dogs that Look Like Bears

The chow chow is one of the dog that carry a few traits of cats. For example, they are the cleanest dogs and are as fast as cats. These dogs have the ability to break into a house easily and carry a minimum of doggy-smell.

Characteristics of chow chow

  • They have coats that may be soft or rough with a variation of black blue red, cinnamon, or cream in color.
  • They grow to a height of 20 inches 
  • They have a ruff of lion mane around their head.

Chow chow facts 

  • Although their name sounds of Chinese origin, it is a term that the English used for anything that came from the east.
  • If they get wet in a pool, there are chances that they may drown because their fur would get all watery and weigh them down.
  • Their back legs are completely straight.


Dogs that Look Like Bears

Poodle is a companion dog. However, these days they are treated as lap dogs, they are actually very hard working dogs. This breed was developed to hunt waterfowl but today it a breed that wins most of the dog competitions.

Characteristics of a poodle

  • The height of a poodle ranges to a foot at the shoulder
  • They weigh up to 70 pounds
  • They have a variety of color ranging from black, brown, white, grey etc.

Fun facts about poodle

  • Their fur never stops growing and therefore need a trim every 4-6 weeks
  • Their origin is of Germany
  • They are very smart and learn quickly.


Dogs that Look Like Bears

The Pomeranian dog is a toy group dog, yet this dog can be used as a watchdog. These Dogs dwell easily with the family they live and therefore make perky pets.

Characteristics of Pomeranian

  • These dogs are bold and lively
  • They grow up to 6 to 7 inches in height
  • The weight of these dogs ranges from 3 to 7 pounds.
  • The life span of this dog is 12 to 16 years.

Fun facts about the Pomeranian dog

  • Their name is kept upon the city of Pomerania that is situated in Europe.
  • Pomeranian change color as they grow
  • They come in at least 23 different colors

Tibetan Mastiff

Dogs that Look Like Bears

The Tibetan mastiff, a working dog originated in Tibet centuries ago. This dog was used as a guard dog but it is now also used as a companion dog and show dog.

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Characteristics of Tibetan mastiff 

They grow up to 2 feet at the shoulders

They weigh 75 to 160 pounds

They live up to 14 years

Interesting facts about Tibetan mastiff

  • They are the best guard dogs
  • They are territorial dogs and do not entertain other dogs in their marked territories.
  • They are happy being in as well as out.


Dogs that Look Like Bears

Samoyed is one of the most gorgeous dogs in the world. Although he dwells well with a family, he is not quite a friendly dog. This dog constantly needs attention and is a very active dog.

Characteristics of Samoyed 

  • Height- 23 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight- 60 pounds
  • Life span- 14 years.

Fun facts about Samoyed 

  • The hair of this dog was used to make clothes
  • It has along the curly tail.

Caucasian Ovcharka

Dogs that Look Like Bears

A guard dog, this one of the Dogs who is suited for a household environment where he can work up to his guarding skills. This is one of the oldest breeds whose ancestors are believed to have walked the earth for about 2000 years ago.

Characteristics of Caucasian Ovcharka

  • Its height can reach up to 33 inches
  • Caucasian Ovcharka weighs 100 pounds
  • Its life span is of 10 to 12 years.


Dogs that Look Like Bears

Profoundly loyal, Akita, the one amongst the Dogs that Look Like Bears is dignified and a courageous dog. Although it is all cool with family and friends, Akita is not a sharing and friendly dog. Akita is also known for its fastidious dog that is quiet.

Characteristics of Akita

  • It reaches a height of 28 inches 
  • Akita weighs 100 to 130 pounds
  • It lives for a span of 13 years.

Facts about Akita

  • They are named after a region in Japan
  • Helen killer had an Akita
  • They are used for dog fighting

Eurasier dog

Dogs that Look Like Bears

The Eurasier dog is one of the youngest breeds that is just half a century old. These Dogs found in Germany and is a cross between the wolf spitz and the Nordic ones found in Germany.

Characteristics of eurasier dog

  • This dog weighs up to 70 pounds
  • Its height ranges to 20 inches to 23 inches
  • The life span of this dog is of 12 to 14 years.

Bouvier De Flandres 

Dogs that Look Like Bears

Courageous, affectionate and strong-willed, these are the words that best describe the Bouvier De Flandres dog. These dogs are excellent guard dogs and also love play sporty games.

Characteristics of Bouvier De Flandres

  • They reach up to a height of  up to 24 inches
  • Their weight ranges from 70 to 110 pounds
  • They live up to 12 years.

Interesting facts about Bouvier De Flandres

  • they need a lot of attention
  • they make great guard dogs
  • they myriad any task easily.

According to a survey, 90 percent human prefer smaller dogs as their companions than the large ones. Are you confused about it? Don’t you worry! We have got you a list and information of Famous Small Long Haired Dog Breeds to consider before adopting one.

Did you find these Dogs that Look Like Bears fascinating? They sure are a bunch of cute dogs that you would like to have in your house. When you are petting a dog, you should keep in mind about their health and the food that they eat. In addition, the exercise routine of your dog must be kept more than just walking so that mind is simulated as well. If you ignore these factors, it would affect their health largely.

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