10 Animal Rights Which You Should Know

Pain, sufferings and death are not only experienced by humans, but also by other non-human species. To help other living species live their life properly, the concept of Animal Rights Which You Should Know was introduced.

The concept of Animal rights describes the rights or deeds that are seen as legal and proper when it comes to treating the Animalia. It can also be referred to as a social movement brought into action for protecting the fauna. This movement is based on the ideology of protecting animals from being harassed and mistreated. It defines the morals and ethics that should be taken into account by each and every individual is in order to safeguard the fellow brute creations in our ecosystem.

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Following are some animal rights, which should be known by every individual:-

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

Prevention of cruelty

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

This Animal Rights Which You Should Know is based on the ideology of preventing the animals from brutality caused to them by the fellow humans. It involves strict actions to be taken if any of the following deeds are done, which are considered immoral and illegal by several animal rights organizations; like-

Confining or chaining animals for longer durations

Not being able to provide proper food, shelter, medical treatments

Dumping off the pets and leaving them to suffer

Kicking, molesting and mistreating animals

Restricted from being used as entertainment objects

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

In olden days, the animals were a means of income by using them as entertainment objects which deprived their freedom. They were made to perform various activities, some also being life-threatening. Such activities were mostly seen in the Circus. The animals were trained to perform various activities like cycling, playing with the ball, balancing etc… Animals such as tigers, seals, elephants, bears were the most common attractions. The law has been devised against all these actions, which imposes fines and imprisonment to the people found guilty of making the animals perform for entertaining the crowds.

Preventing them from being tested over

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

Several animals are being used as lab rats for testing several products, especially cosmetics.

Cosmetic Testing is a type of test, which is carried over animals in order to confirm if it’s suitable to be used by humans. This type of testing is based on a strategy involving refinement, reduction and replacement of animals.

This law enforces standards which state that the animals should not be used for testing products like cosmetics, chemicals or drugs, detergents etc… It is a punishable offence in several countries like India, Israel, Brazil, United Kingdom, Turkey and New Zealand. There are several organisations that take this issue into account and recognises the companies that do not perform any animal tests, such as the Cruelty Free Internationals. One of the major program taken into action is the Leaping Bunny Program, which provides a Leaping Bunny logo to the products that are not tested on animals.

Slaughtering of animals

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

Slaughtering is the act of killing of animals, usually a domestic one. Slaughtering can be carried out for any of the listed reasons-

Sacrificing in the name of religion

For consumption in the form of food

For being diseased

There are several methods of slaughtering animals like killing, by making use of gaseous substances, electricity etc… Animals such as pigs, goats, hens are most commonly slaughtered. This act is banned and in several countries. Anyone found guilty, is heavily fined and may also be imprisoned.

Harming, feeding or teasing animals in the zoo

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

This law imposes strict actions on the person if found feeding, harming or teasing the animals in the zoo. With more number of similar incidents taking place, the governments of many countries have started imposing heaving fines if found misbehaving and doing unanticipated deeds.

Poaching of animals

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

Poaching refers to the act of hunting and killing animals illegally. This is also associated with land use rights. Poaching is usually done to earn money by trading the animal body parts such as skin, nails, teeth, horns etc… This can also be done for preparing several products out of their body parts including hair and skin. Many countries have imposed this law against poaching in order to safeguard animals.

Transport of animals

Proper and safe transferring of animals from one place to another should be taken into account. This act is imposed to prevent maltreatment of animals during their transport. Several countries such as India and the United Kingdom has laid certain points to be taken into consideration while transporting animals, such as –

The structure and nature of the means of transport must be suitable for animals

The animals should be accompanied by at least one doctor

Appropriate eatables for animals should be taken into consideration

Any diseased, injured animal should not be transported 

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Destroying natural habitats of the animals

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

This Animal Rights Which You Should Know takes care of issues such related to the habitats of the animals. It issues penalties for deeds such as shattering their shelters or habitats, disturbing or vandalizing their eggs or their offspring. This type of destruction is usually caused by industrialisation or urbanization. Such an act can lead to endangerment and then extinction of several species. Destruction of natural habitats such as forests can also lead to global warming and also several natural calamities.

Participating in animal fights or organising them

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

Animal fighting is a cultural trend in several countries like the infamous Spanish Bullfight. But this can lead to loss of lives.in several countries, laws are imposed on such malpractices, if found guilty heavy fine is imposed and in extreme cases, it may result in imprisonment.

Castration or Sterilisation of animals

Animal Rights Which You Should Know

Castration or Sterilization is the process of removing the reproductive organs of a male animal. In the case of females, it is termed as Spaying. This can be done in order to lessen the growth rate of the animal population in a particular area. This can also cause adverse effects on the health of the animal. This act is proposed and initiated in several countries. Sterilising is considered as a punishable offence.

Enough of laws for human betterment!! It’s time for the animals!!

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Homo sapiens have gone a long way with being smart and making things easier for a living. But being the smartest creature on the planet doesn’t give us the right to misuse the rights of other animals. In this world full of several brute creatures, let’s join hands and safeguard our fellow mates. Be their voice, not their cry for help!!

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