How Does Your Dog Communicate With You?

A dog is the only thing in the world that loves you more than you love yourself.

Dogs will never disappoint you. They will stay very loyal to you till the end. They connect with you more than you can connect with any other animal existing on this earth. The stronger connection you have with your dog will eventually lead to stronger communication between both. Each and every gesture of yours eventually leads to some or the other signal that your dog tries to catch up. Maybe it is a hand wave or a small eyebrow movement, the dog can understand it all. Isn’t it just cute when the dog looks at you with innocent eyes and tries to coordinate with your movement? Don’t you really fall for them when they start putting efforts to actually understand what you want to tell? Have you ever thought of how does your dog communicate with you or how better they can be if they were human beings with such characteristics?

As I have already said that they will never disappoint you. No matter how much anger you show towards them or maybe how much sad you are they will always be available beside you to make you happy and get the best out of it. One shouldn’t say but yes, let us face the truth that their life span is very short and I guess they already know about it. Maybe that is why they have a better understanding of the concept of living every moment to the fullest than we human beings have. They don’t have any greed or arrogance since they don’t live in a bourgeoisie society where everyone is running towards money (and dying for it too).

How Does Your Dog Communicate With You

It is not difficult to actually talk to your dog. To identify How does your dog communicate with you, just simply observe their movements or ear or tail or their mouth. The communication doesn’t happen from one side. It has to be two-sided always.


If you really want to observe how they communicate with you, then simply look at their tail. If it is straight and stiff then they are very firm and confident about whatever they feel like telling. They might seem very innocent at that time as well. If their tail is not straight then you need to understand that they are feeling very relaxed at that time and are not willing to do anything. Well, everyone needs their personal space than what about giving them their personal space too?


Remember when your dog keeps the tongue out and eyeballs exceed from actual size to a little wider with an innocent light reflecting in it? That time you just feel like pausing the moment and keep on admiring them, isn’t it? You just want to pause and realize how beautiful someone can be, right?

Well, wake up from your dream world and realize that it is their food time, go get something that they love the most. When you get good things like milk with some flavors (avoid chemical) then they actually feel very happy and satisfied. So, when the tongue out keeps that as an alarm clock because that is the time when you should actually go into your kitchen and cook something good for your lifeline-dog. They might do that most of the time every day. Make sure you do not over-do their diet as it will make them heavy and later it can be hard to get their diet in control.

the burning question which is ‘Can dog eat cat food? How to Stop Dog From Eating Cat Food?’ And the answer is a surprising yes. Your dog can totally eat cat food.


Even if you love someone there are certain moments when you feel like just getting rid of them. Well, I should not go there but this (bark) is one of those moments when it actually gets difficult for a human being to contemplate what is actually disturbing their dog so much. Their barks are of different pitches actually.

If one hears with a focus then you can identify. There voice is the loudest when they are quite angry (actually too much) this might happen due to some irritation or maybe something is disturbing them very badly. They will have loud but a heavy voice bark when they are curious about something or maybe they realize that something fishy is going on somewhere. They will not stop till they actually get to know what is going on (more curious and active than us!). They will have a very soft howling when they are very sad.

A lot of thesis and observations have been done on this species, and every time something different comes up just as these Animals And Their Weird Eating Functionality.

This is the time to go and identify what is happening with them. Everyone has mood swings and they have it too. They cheer us up when we are sad. Isn’t that our responsibility to cheer them when they are sad? It has always been a give and take relationship!


Now this is where the “awww” moment comes. They will come and lick your face and maybe come to your bed and sleep beside you and maybe make love to you as well. Don’t you feel good when someone truly and genuinely tells you that they love you? Well this is the moment to feel good. Because by showing such movements they actually tell you that how special you are to them and how true and lovable your connection is with each other.

Well, well, while the dog is so much near to perfection, they are also living creatures and just like humans, they can feel the emotion of fear! The levels and reasons may differ, but it exists! Keep noting as you find out the Reason Why My Dog Is Scared Of Simple Things.

In conclusion, it is a last time reminder to tell how much your dog really loves you and they will never ditch you or make you feel sad. They will always stay beside you and will do every possible thing they can do to make you feel happy. You just simply connect with them without any hatred as the connection between human being and a dog has always been the purest.

This relationship will always stay at the top. It is just that you will take time to actually understand How does your dog communicate with you but once you actually do you will feel as if they have been a part of your family since very beginning. Dogs have this sense of who is nice and who is not and who so ever gives them love they will make sure that that human being never gets hurt. Let us leave this happy relationship on an “aww” note. Happy loving!

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