5 Surprising Reason Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Wasn’t it enough adorable that dogs can become an integral part of one’s life, that their head tilting adds on to the quotient of cuteness and adorability? Well, if you are not a dog owner, then this characteristic of the dog will surely make you fall in love with these beings on Earth.

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Surprising Reason Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Just like how humans tilt their head for various reasons, so do dogs. In fact, there could be some surprising reasons why dogs tilt their heads. All excited to know about those reasons, and if they are a cause to worry? Then, we don’t like making you wait!!!

Surprising Reason Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

To hear better

Surprising Reason Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

This reason had to top the chart when it comes to surprising reasons why dogs tilt their heads. Wondering how it is connected? Well, look carefully – dogs have ear flops that are quite flexible in nature. If it is obstructing their hearing ability, then dogs tilt their head to bring their ears in a position that will aid them to hear better. They could do this in crowded places, or when there is loud music playing around.


Surprising Reason Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Yes! While dogs can come to you for a lot of their own whims and fancies, they are not a man’s best friend without a reason! Dogs can empathize with their masters in a way that few humans can also not! So, if they are observing that you are in distress or are in trouble, they will just launder around you. And when you look at them, they shall tilt their head to indicate empathy. They know they cannot do a lot in terms of helping you, but they tilt their head to indicate that they are there by your side – whenever you need them.

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Because they want something

Surprising Reason Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Did your dog stop by that toy store while you were strolling at the nearby place for a walk? Did it not look at you with eyes of need and greed for the toy? Well, you could easily dodge your dog there, by pulling it away from the store, but what at home? Yes, this can be a surprising reason why dogs tilt their heads. They must have come silently at home, but now they will use their innocence to convince you for something they want. It could be that toy, or permission to play out for some more time. Head tilt is their last resort because they know you will fall into the trap of ‘aawwww’.

To get a better view

Surprising Reason Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Imagine yourself. If something is too close to your eye, the vision may get blurry right? Then, you frown your eye to get a better look. Just like that, dogs use their head tilt feature to get a better vision. This may happen when you are standing too close to the dog. If their senses are not able to read the closeness, then their vision may get blurry. In fact, dogs will also go a little far but if they still can’t see, then head tilt is the go-to option they use. There is nothing to worry here, it is quite common.

Are they guilty of something?

Surprising Reason Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

*Wink* that’s true. This could be a surprising reason why dogs tilt their heads. It may be as simple as being guilty of pooping in the house when it a strict NO – NO. Or, wait, did the dog just jump up on the new vase you brought in and it broke? Dogs are no less than kids, so, don’t go on their innocent face they make and come to you tilting their head. Look around to understand if this is the actual reason.

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Health issue

Surprising Reason Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Well, well nothing major guys! Don’t panic. Usually, dogs tend to tilt their head when they feel uncomfortable in their tummy or when there is something wrong with their vestibular system. How would you identify this as a major concern? To begin with, notice the number of times the head tilt is happening. Try to move close to them – still, if they are not making their head straight, then that may be the symbol. If frequent head tilt is backup by vomiting or nauseated feeling by the dog, then it’s time to worry.

You may have noticed that these reasons may have surprised you, but are not actual causes of worry when it comes to your dog. Yes, it is quite understandable that you might tend to worry at small things your dog does differently, owing to the fact that they cannot speak. But, don’t worry – they have their own ways to communicate with humans, and once you get to know them – you will also be able to understand their behavioral patterns. This will also help you to understand if this is a usual habit of your dog, or if there is something unusual.

While the dog is so much near to perfection, they are also living creatures and just like humans, they can feel the emotion of fear! The levels and reasons may differ, but it exists! Keep noting as you find out the Reason Why My Dog Is Scared Of Simple Things.

So, stop worrying, unless the head tilts have become unusually frequent.

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