7 Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

Got a little biter at your home? Or did you come home one day and find a mess of white fluffs all over the place? If you have a four-legged member in your family or have recently brought home one then you know what I am talking about. This means that you have a ‘serial chewer’ at your home in the form of your dog, which ends up destroying its bed within a few days and sometimes even in minutes! But this wouldn’t be the scenario once you are done reading about all these incredible Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs.

Are you really aware of your dog’s strength? I guess not. As soon as you give them something new they will tear it apart like anything. Don’t worry. We have got some easy Easy DIY Dog Toys You Can Make At Home and techniques for you, which will actually help you to save money plus it can be long-lasting too.

You buy a new dog bed and your dog chews it up. But this ends now. From now on, you wouldn’t need to go through the process of choosing a new dog bed, knowing it will be shredded into small pieces of cotton balls. All you need to do is invest in a better and most likely to be an indestructible dog bed. Because to be honest, there is nothing like an “indestructible bed” if your furry creature is adamant enough in making the bed its chew toy.  

Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

What Kind Of A Dog Bed You Must Look For?

Before we begin with the different types of chew-proof beds that you must try, let us get to know what you must look for in these beds. After all, you must know what you need to buy before you go on spending those dollars on it.

Memory Foam:

Yes, we want a chew proof bed for your furry baby but that doesn’t mean we can forget about its comfort. And memory foam mattress will take care of your dog’s comfort since it is thick and durable.

Strong Material:

Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

You can’t go for bedding which will rip out with just one scratch. So look for strong and durable fabrics like nylon, canvas or rip-stop ballistic.


The dog bed will survive much longer if it is waterproof and your little puppy or dog is prone to do something messy. So look for the waterproof beddings.


Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

Well, this is a no brainer. It is only fair to get a warranty if you are spending big bucks on it. So the dog bed that comes with a warranty is the one you have to go for.

Besides the above factors, you must also see to it that the bed you will be buying for your dog will have double or triple stitched seams and the closures are hidden well to prevent your dog from gnawing at it.

1- FurHaven Nap Pet Bed

Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

Being 42 inches long and 24 inches wide, the FurHaven Nap Pet Bed is one spacious and comfy bed for your four-legged member of the family. It is waterproof and durable, which makes it perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use. The foam used in it is polyurethane and the bed has a wipe-clean poly-case cover. A great deal, if you ask me!

2- K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Nesting Dog Bed

Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

K9 Ballistics is known for its indestructible beds. This bed is made from ripstop ballistic fabric which lasts longer and withstands scratches and digs. This tough built bed is a perfect idea of bedding for your feisty little bundle of fur. It comes in five different sizes and nine different colors. What more could you ask for!

3- Pet Fusion Large Dog Bed

For those of you who have little oldies for dogs, this is an ideal choice. If your dog loves comfort too much then Pet Fusion bed is what you need to bring in. It has about four inches thick foam, making it a cushy throne for your furry friend and it’s water and tear-resistant ability makes it worthy enough to invest your money in it.

4- Kuranda Dog Bed

Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

Kuranda has many different styles of bed to make your dog as comfortable as it wants to be and each of these different beds comes with their unique advantages. The material used in it is heavy-duty 40oz solid vinyl with an aluminum frame and its elevated orthopedic design helps to keep your dog cool and dry.

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5- Hachikitty Big Pet Bed

Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

If you have a small furry guy with about 20 pounds of cuteness loaded with it then this is the perfect bed that you can go for. It is waterproof and has raised sides which will give your dog the neck and head support it needs while resting. It not just takes care of your dog with its cozy faux fur but also has chew proof dog bed cover which is removable and can be washed easily.

6- K9 Ballistics Tough Crate Pad

Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

We already know the amazing beds that the K9 Ballistics has to offer. This crate pad is just another example of that. Not just it offers all the great things like durable material, easy to wash cover and water resistance, it also comes with a warranty of a 120-day chew proof guarantee. Well, seems like it ticks all the boxes of our list.  

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7-K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot

Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs

When you have a budget in limit and still want to buy a new dog bed while trying not to compromise your dog’s comfort then the K&H Pet Cot is just the thing you should look for. It is a budget-friendly option, waterproof which makes it apt for outdoor and indoor use. And you can even bring this with you when you are traveling. Now, if that ain’t good enough for you then what else can be?

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Now that you have some of the best options for your mighty litter chewer of a dog, you can save yourself the trouble of buying a new Chew Proof Bed Ideas for Dogs every few months. And also save loads of bucks in the process! Wink! So which one are you picking?

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