7 Important Signs of Old Age in Dogs

Having a dog as a pet is one of the best things in the world. And, paying attention to the needs and side effects of aging will help you make your dog feel comfortable in his old age and also when you notice health issues early, the treatment becomes easier and effective. However, an older dog’s behavior will give you many hints as to what he needs and at what time. And if your senior dog could talk, here are a few things he or she would actually try to put in its words. One must try to live with them, so that life becomes happier for both of you.

It is very important for you to enlighten yourself with the facts that revolve around dog diseases so that, if you notice any of these symptoms, you must have these Most Common Dog Diseases Sign and Treatments handy for anything unusual, you will be able to catch it immediately and thus, can take your pet to the vet.

Usually, dogs enter their senior years around 7 years of age and this is the best time to notice the important signs of old age in dogs. If you notice urine leakages, behavioral changes or your dog is getting more anxious, don’t worry – it’s time for a vet visit. Many factors are responsible for aging in dogs such as – genetics, environmental conditions, etc. With this in mind, here are seven of the most common signs of aging in dogs. Take a look –



Weight Changes!


As your dog gets older, you may notice changes in weight. Both weight gain and loss can be a sign of aging. Many dogs gain weight due to the normal aging process which can actually lead to large strain on your dog’s body. Honestly, obesity problems in dogs also contribute to serious bone and joint problems such as – osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. To avoid excessive weight gain problems – try feeding your dog less food and switching to a low-calorie diet is also a good alternative.

Bad Breath!

Most dogs don’t have mint-like fresh breath, but if it starts to smell worse than usual – don’t ignore it. It is a symptom of most common ailment in older dogs known as periodontal disease, which leads to situations like – loss of appetite, pain while chewing, bleeding gums or tooth loss. As a proud dog owner, you can easily spot this disease than any other age-related diseases.

Even after agreeing to the fact that you try to keep it all clear still there’s always one “weird” smell that keeps you worried. Congratulations! Your dog has made you come to the right article where we will be discussing some Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dogs Bad Breath. Don’t worry these all will be natural remedies which will all will be safe and healthy!

Urinary Problems Arise!


Urinary problems could prove frustrating for both you and your dog, but remember it’s an important sign of old age in dogs. As your dog ages, urine may simply escape against their will or they will go to the bathroom more often. This may lead to kidney disease in dogs and the symptoms of kidney disease include – decreased appetite, vomiting, increased thirst, and fever.

Cleaning and grooming them is as important as any other part of the dog. So keep reading to learn how to clean your dog’s ears and to know the Popular Breeds of Dogs with Big Ears!

Loss of Senses!

Often, owners are unable to notice the signs that a dog is losing his hearing or sight loss until the loss is severe. One of the first signs of hearing or sight loss initially looks like aggression – if someone comes and approaches your dog without his permission he may react in a defensive way. He may also become less responsive to verbal commands, so there is a need to start training them with hand signals.

Drowsiness and Fatigue!


It’s important to note here, older dogs need more rest than adult dogs. For this reason, as a good caretaker of your dog – you need to allow them to rest in peace for as long as they wish. It’s easy to notice the signs of such problems in dogs as they will start welcoming the guests at your home with less enthusiasm. Besides this, they will demonstrate more tenderness when they are with you.

while the dog is so much near to perfection, they are also living creatures and just like humans, they can feel the emotion of fear! The levels and reasons may differ, but it exists! Keep noting as you find out the Reason Why My Dog Is Scared Of Simple Things.

Less Tolerance and More Irritability!


Changes in dog temperament can be seen with health problems like Canine cognitive dysfunction. This contributes to one of the most important signs of old age in dogs. You will start noticing drastic changes in your dog’s behavior such as – he or she may forget where they are at times or unable to recognize people they have known their whole life. Plus, they may not appreciate actions like – running, yelling and kids jumping.

Skin and Hair Coat Changes!

Likewise human beings, older dogs may also start to show grey hair, especially on the muzzle and around the eyes area. You will notice that the coat of the dog becomes thinner and duller. However, this can be a sign of the most common problem in dogs known as a nutritional deficiency. To prevent such disease, you should feed your dogs with foods formulated with fatty acid supplements that may help restore some of the lusters to the coat.

Without any doubt, it’s correct to mention here that dogs age much faster than humans, so changes in their behavior, physical and mental growth are quite natural. As your pet grows older, you may notice that your fun-loving and ready-to-do anything best pal is becoming reluctant to leave his warm bed on cool mornings – nothing to worry at all! Because becoming a senior doesn’t mean you and your dog can’t enjoy several more years of togetherness. In fact, as time passes away your bond becomes much stronger and makes others go jealous.

We all know the lifespan of our dog, and are still not prepared for their death, but what if the death is unexpected? The grief and guilt increases if our dogs go away suddenly. After a lot of aftermaths, some of these Most Common Causes of Sudden Death in Dogs have been identified, and here you go with that list. Take note of the guys, before it is too late

Pet Lovers! If you’re struggling hard to understand whether the changes in your pet dog are part of normal aging or indications of serious health problems, then these important signs of old age in dogs will definitely help you to understand your pet better. Besides this, one of the best things that you can do for your aging pup is keeping a continuous eye on him at home and reporting any unusual behavior to your dog’s vet as soon as possible, so that he lives a healthy life.

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