Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

Do you love going in sea water? Do you love to swim or go for diving? It’s fun, right? Now that you have started dreaming of how amazing it is let us get to one more point. That point can be scary for you or maybe give you “nostalgia” feels about how you felt that time. I am talking about jellyfish. Jellyfish stings are quite normal and you might have faced it many times. WARNING ALERT! Jellyfish stings are quite normal when you go for sea water but many of them can be very dangerous.

Some of the jellyfish(es) that can cause severe pain can later give a serious harm to the body. For you let me highlight some of those harmful jellyfishes which can help you in staying aware when you are going for sea water. 

One of the dangerous one is box jellyfish. You can go and say a daring hello to box jellyfish in warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Ocean. There can be life threatening reactions while you actually get a sting from such kind of Jellyfish. Another one is blue bottle jellyfish. This jellyfish has blue or purple gas-filled bubble that keeps floating on the water surface and it also acts as a sail. The other one is Sea nettle which like an ambivert exists in cold as well as hot water. Go and give a daring greet while you go U.S. side. Let me check how strong is your general knowledge.. well which is the world’s largest jellyfish?..

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Keep guessing but let me tell you one thing that the largest one can be the most scariest one for your life too. That is Lion’s mane jellyfish. It has a body diameter of more than 3feet. You can find them in cooler,northern regions of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

Talking about the Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment, the symptoms can vary from Burning, prickling to colour change in the body from normal skin colour to Red or brown.

Itching And Swelling

Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

Generally people don’t realize the jellyfish sting as soon as someone gets it. They may realize it later through itching or swelling of certain body parts. It can actually be dangerous since these kind of itching and swelling definitely needs a recommendation of doctor.

Throbbing pain

Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

One should also realize that the sting of the jellyfish doesn’t stay in one corner of the body. It spreads and the spreading can be a big pain for you because it apparently leads to the throbbing pain that will radiate up a leg or an arm.

Stomach pain, nausea and vomiting

Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

With every line of this article the sting of the jellyfish is getting really serious. 

Don’t forget that the sting of the jellyfish is not one time treatment it can lead to severe such behaviour of your body which you can observe only after some point of time. It can be stomach pain or nausea or vomiting. Don’t worry if the sting is in actual control then these things can be controlled through normal medicines as well.

Weakness, drowsiness or could be fainting too

Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

Since the sting will give you a lot of pain then don’t be surprised it it leads to weakness in your body and chances are you may faint too (seems like a better option than actually sufeering the pain, isn’t it? Just kidding please do wake up and take that pain out).

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Breathing and Heart problems

Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

You will not see these stings on daily basis. Remember, that it is told to us that if we are not aware of the situations then we panic the most? Well, this sting will treat you the same way. The sting can be dangerous and while you are actually thinking about it you may actually gain tension and due to tension you may actually catch breathing and Heart problems.


Well, after I have actually scared you don’t worry I will protect you as well. To save yourself from this kind of situation some of the precautions that you can take care of are-


Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

I guess, you are sensible enough to understand what type of suit I am talking about. It is swimming or diving suit. Wear this suit while you are actually going for swimming and diving in an area where jellyfish are there.

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Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

We are always told that we should first look around our surroundings and then take a decision. Then why can’t we apply it here as well? Make sure that you talk to lifeguard or maybe local residents about the situation of that place and then you can definitely go ahead.


Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment

It is said that ignorance is the best policy. But ignoring at the cost of your own passion is not so a good policy. Still let me tell you one thing, there is a season for Jellyfish when Jellyfish are in most of its number around the sea water. So you can actually avoid going at that time.

In conclusion, it is not the fault of Jelly fishes as well that  they try to hurt you. They give you a sting because they thing that you are its enemies. It is god gifted with Venom in that sting. Imagine you having the same power. Why won’t you use it when any stranger is around? Much fascinating, right?

Just like you can go and punch someone on their face like you jellyfish can give you a sting when you try to enter their territory. The decision is yours as of how to save yourself. Since it can be very dangerous so make sure that you go for a cure as soon as possible. Venom can be really harmful to your body and the immediate cure is to suck that venom out.

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This article about Jellyfish Sting Symptoms and Treatment has given much awareness about what can happen to you and what you should do while it actually happens to you. Rest I leave it on you. Happy Swimming and diving!

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