12 Bird With Long Beak: Explain With Pictures

Often we classify birds and animals with their shape size or color. However, have you ever classified any with the length of their beaks? We bet there won’t be at least twelve names that you could give us. Our feathered friends don’t just possess beautiful colorful feathers but also some fascinating beaks! Beaks those are humongous, tiny, in weird shapes, and sizes! However, today we are discussing Bird with long beak and we are sure you’ll love reading about it, as these birds are not something that we get to see each day. Moreover, the fun fact is, some of them even have colorful beaks!

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Bird with Long Beak 

1.Long Billed Curlew

Bird With Long Beak

Ranking number 1 on America’s longest shorebird, the long-billed curlew is a Bird with a long beak and aka sickles bird. This is due to the shape of its beak that is like a sickle! It has an almost 8.5-inch bill with a body measure of 26 inches, which makes it the center of attraction.

2.Black Skimmer

Bird With Long Beak

The black skimmer is a black and white Bird with long beak, whose beak is in shades of orange and black. The bill of this bird is long and thin and the upper mandible is shorter than the lower one. The bill starts with a bright orange near the nose and ends up being black at the tips.

3.Roseate Spoonbill

Bird With Long Beak

Now as the name suggests, is it hard to guess that this bird is named so due to the shape of its beak. This Bird has a narrow beak that is much flatter near the tip if the beak. This bird is mostly spotted at Mexico, the Caribbean, and North America.

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4.Shoe Bill

Bird With Long Beak

As the name suggests, this Bird has a shoe-shaped bill! The shoebill is specie that was is a native species of Africa. The edges of this bird’s beak as a shape to catch preys with it. This bird grows to a size of 9.4 inches in the body.


Bird With Long Beak

We all know how a flamingo looks! Well for those who don’t know, they are pink in color. They have curvy beaks which act as a filter to purify their food from mud. The bill starts with pale orange color at the root end and turns to black at the tips.

6.Great Hornbill

Bird With Long Beak

This Bird is one of the largest members of the family of the hornbills and is a native to Southeast Asia. Their beak has a mixture of yellow and black color and is huge covering up its forehead. The purpose of this kind of bill is to sexually attract other bills to it.

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