What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds?

Animals are so similar to humans, in a lot of ways. But, while they are similar, they are quite different too. While they observe humans and learn a lot, we can go reverse learning too. There are so many things one can learn from animals. Take the lovely birds, for instance. The way they fly – fearless. The way they wing and struggle to fly, in tough situations – the determination.

If you don’t know much about these weird and wonderful type of nests of different bird species, you don’t really have to worry. We’re here to help you with exactly what you would want to know. These Weird and wonderful Type of Nests of Different Bird Species will definitely fascinate you to another level.

What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

The newborn baby birds are also super adorable and interesting. A lot of baby birds are taken care of the mother till a long duration of time, while some baby birds are left to fly within a few hours itself. However, sometimes, there are instances that you may find a baby bird on the ground or the mother had left and never returned. These are adverse situations for the bird and the baby, but why not, we do our bit? The least we can do is to just feed the baby, because just like human newborns – baby birds also require timely feeding as they have just entered the world and may be weak. Thus, feeding and care are all they need, if their mother is not being found for a long time. And here the questions pops – What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds?

What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds?

Before Feeding The New Born

Well, before you head on to directly feed the baby, there may be some things that you might have to keep in mind or observe in general. There may be quite a few checkpoints, but here, we highlight the most important ones…

  • Look Out For The Mother To Return
What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

We think this is the most important step that you must consider before you actually make decisions on behalf of the baby and the mother. Once you find a baby bird abandoned, keep a tab on him/her. Wait for the mother to return. You can give yourself a waiting period of about 2-4 hours at least. Sometimes, the mother heads out to get food and may take longer than expected. So, wait.

  • Check Out For The Family Of The Baby Bird
What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

By this, we mean that before you can actually go ahead and decide to feed the baby bird, it is crucial that you check which breed of baby bird it is. This is important as you need to understand if the bird can actually be domesticated and fed normal household things. Also, there are a lot of birds, that do not eat certain things. Hence, it is always better to be able to identify the breed of the bird. You can use technology and the internet to your benefit for this check.

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  • Checks For Any External Or Internal Hurts And Pain
What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

This stage becomes unavoidable in situations where you have found the baby bird on the ground or abandoned elsewhere from their nest. The best path to check for any injuries or hurts is to take the baby to a vet. By doing this, you ensure a full check-up, plus you will also know what bird breed it is so that you can take care of them accordingly.

What You Can Feed The Baby Bird?

Wondering, in general, what’s good for baby birds and what is acceptable in which forms? Well, here are some quick tips for immediate use…


What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

Yes, nothing could come on top of the chart before this. Water is extremely important for humans and birds. You can make use of gruel to give water in drops to the baby. You can warm up the water a little as the baby birds would prefer to have lukewarm water.

Egg Yolk

What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

As birds grow, their diet changes, but in the first few weeks of being born, they all can have egg yolk. Ensure it is without the white of the egg. They may not be able to eat chunks directly – so just make it semi-liquid and put it in a bowl for the birds to have them.

Bird Biscuits

What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

There is a catch here – the baby birds cannot swallow or bite. So, if you want to give them something solid, just go for biscuits and nothing else. How do you make them have these hard things? Moist them and then crush it. Then, you can either mix it with egg yolk or water and give them. Or just crush them to powder and put it in front of them to have it slowly at their own pace.

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Ready-Made Commercial Food

What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

This is also a good option that you can try. If you do not want to risk giving the baby bird anything from your kitchen, because you do not know what is acceptable, then simply run to the nearest animal store and grab ready-made commercial food for the baby bird. But for this, you will need to know quite some details like age of the baby, breed etc.

What NOT To Feed To The Baby Bird?

While there are some do’s there certainly are some strict Nos as well. DO not give the baby birds the below…


What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

Baby birds cannot digest milk as they have certain levels of acid in it and it may lead to damaging the internal sensitive parts of the baby

Bread Products

What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds

Bread is made of ingredients that take a lot of time to digest and hence, a baby bird shall not be given this. The digestive system of the baby is not that developed that it can process complex foods

Worms And Insects


While a lot of birds grow up to having these as part of their diet, do not give this to a newborn, as they may not know how to eat it and may end up swallowing it and blocking certain parts.

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Take the newborn baby to a vet for a complete checkup before you start to feed them and get to know all about how and What To Feed Newborn Baby Birds.

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