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How Can Dog Tail Indicates Breed: What Is Your Dog Tail Shape

How Can Dog Tail Indicates Breed: What Is Your Dog Tail Shape

One of the cutest things about a dog after its eyes is its wagging tail! Isn’t it fun when your cute pet wags his tail when he is excited being around you? Apart from protecting its sensitive private parts, a tail is of many more uses for animals. Some use it for balance, some for

14 Popular Breeds of Dogs with Big Ears

Although they cannot fly high like Jumbo with their big ears, they look damn tempting to own and have proven that they make excellent companions. Usually, dogs that have big ears are of hound breed and therefore, they are great at hunting. They make great house dogs and have friendly behavior with humans of all

Top 15 Long Haired Dog Breeds Around The World

‘Dogs are man’s best friend.” We often come across this statement. Don’t we? The reason being that dogs allow us to be their best friends, they trust us. In fact, dogs were the first ever animals that humans nurtured as their pets. Looks like dogs and humans have been together for quite long. With curious

Small Monkey Breeds You Can Have as Pets

Cercopithecoid, or known today as monkeys, are one of the most chaotic animal species on earth. While some people adore them, some are really scared of them, as they keep jumping from here and there. Well, the fact is that – while monkeys are actually harmless, there are some species of monkeys that can be

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