15 Types Of Pigeon Breeds You Must Know


Types Of Pigeon Breeds You Must Know

While the above is a list of fancy pigeons that are extravagant in their terms of appearances, voices and features, there are some Types Of Pigeon Breeds You Must Know that can be domesticated. They are the ones that are simple; do not need a lot of maintenance. These birds can be adopted as pets as well. So, make notes and if you want to adopt any birds, then consider them!

We’re here to help you with exactly what you would want to know. These Weird and wonderful Type of Nests of Different Bird Species will definitely fascinate you to another level.

 Homing Pigeon

Types Of Pigeon Breeds You Must Know

As one can understand from the name, this is the most famous and common domestic breed of pigeons. They are derived from Rock birds. They are extensively found in all the cities and states. They have a great skill of remembering directions and people and that is why, initially they were used to carry messages from one place to another. In fact, these birds are known to be able to fly long distances – about 1800 kms at one stretch. 

Dragoon Pigeons

Types Of Pigeon Breeds You Must Know

These birds are also known as Moores. They look very similar to the homing pigeons, but are a little stout if you observe closely. They are known to be one of the oldest breeds of British time. They can be easily domesticated and do not require a lot of food and care. Their beaks are smaller than others, and that is one differentiating factor. 


Types Of Pigeon Breeds You Must Know

One of the cutest breeds of domesticated pigeons is this breed. They are pure white in color, and that makes them stand out from the other breeds. They might have different colors of legs, and that is also one more unique feature of this breed. Just because they are white in color, when you domesticate them, it becomes necessary for you to ensure that the surroundings are clean, so that the colors remain as is. One interesting fact about this pigeon is that they can also be termed to be a fancy bird. 

Chinese Flying Pigeon

Types Of Pigeon Breeds You Must Know

They are descendants of rock pigeons. They are quite attractive to look at, and that is why, a lot of prefer to domesticate these pigeons. They are black in color from the top and white from the rest of the body. They were originated from China, and hence the name. 

British Show Racer

Types Of Pigeon Breeds You Must Know

Show racer? How is it connected with pigeons breeds? Well, they were evolved in the British show racer and that is why they got the name. they were exposed to selective breeding in this racing show and since then, they have been a great breed to domesticate. They are also an awesome breed to participate in the racing games for pigeons.

Here we have some Different Types of Hummingbird with Picture . Have a look-

These domestic pigeons do not require a lot of expense, and they have different life spans. Before domesticating them, find out about these Types Of Pigeon Breeds You Must Know and then you are all sorted. 

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