10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

Dogs are such cute little darlings! If you have a pet dog then you surely understand this sentiment. Coming home to their cute eyes and soft barks and some good old cuddles is absolutely refreshing. But sometimes they develop the most annoying dog habits and then seem like the devil himself. Don’t worry, if your little fur baby has also started acting like the devil then here you would know how to deal with annoying dog habits.

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

It’s all going great and your dog is being the epitome of charm. But then one day you realize that the barks are getting louder and more frequent. Your furniture is being murdered. Your charming dog is not so much friendly anymore. These right here are the most annoying dog habits that they may show over time. The great news is you can always train them to change their behavior.

Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them


10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

Excessive barking ranks at the top in most annoying dog habits. Ain’t anything wrong with some ‘woof woof’ to come home to. It’s how the dogs vocalize their feelings. But it can get on your nerves pretty easily if the barking wouldn’t stop and just keep on getting higher, trying to tear your eardrums. This becomes a problem not just for you but also for your neighbors.

The first step here is to find out the reason behind your dog’s opera session. It could be anything from fear, frustration, and stress, or aggression to noise sensitivity. You can deal with noise sensitivity issues by making them used to the noise. Play the usual sounds at low levels and gradually increase them to get them accustomed to them. If the barking is because of fear or aggression then take the help of a professional trainer.

Jumping up on People

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

Dogs love attention. So it isn’t necessary that when they are jumping up on people, it is because they are in attacking mode. Often it’s just them being playful and demanding attention. Or it could also be that they see something you have in your hands that will make their day. However, your dog jumping up on you is a dangerous thing and you must learn how to deal with annoying dog habits like this. Believe me, those toenails can hurt really bad! Not to mention your guests could freak out.

You will need to train your dog that jumping on people is not acceptable. When they do that, don’t react to it. Don’t give attention and walk away if needed. When they get calm and all four paws are touching the floor then only interact with them and even reward them for it.

Chewing on your Stuff

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

Your favorite Jimmy Choos can easily become a chew toy for your dog if you aren’t careful. Similarly, your expensive rug can be ripped into pieces, your furniture could easily be destroyed. All thanks to your dog, loving to chew on things. And you can’t even blame them for it. Chewing is an important activity for dogs especially when they are teething or have too much energy in their furry bodies.

First thing you need to do is make all your personal items inaccessible to your dog. Secondly, dog-proof your home. When you’re not able to keep an eye on your fur baby then put it inside the crate or in a dog-proofed room. In addition to this, give your dog something to chew on. When you provide them with enough chew toys then you wouldn’t need to worry about your books, furniture, shoes, or anything!

Begging for Food

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

Dogs love food but the food is not everything! Yup, they are irresistible when you are eating and they are standing in front of you making those googly puppy eyes, begging you for scraps. But don’t give in! You will only be encouraging one of the most annoying dog habits this way.

In order to break this habit of begging, firstly cut their access to your dining table. Yelling doesn’t work with dogs so rather doing that, you should limit their access and avoid sharing what’s on your plate. Train your furry guy with commands to go to its own spot instead of staring at you for food.

Pulling on the Leash

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

Are you walking your dog or your dog walking you? I hope it’s you or else you have a problem here my dear. Your dog shouldn’t be walking you and if it is then learn how to deal with annoying dog habits like this quickly.

You need to make your dog realize that you are the one in charge. So if it starts walking ahead of you one day, don’t let it happen. Nip the problem in the bud by stopping. Yup, just stop and let the dog come to you. And then start walking. Make your dog realize that walking beside you is rewarding and it would soon learn the good habits like a good boy.

Destroying Your Garden

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

Dogs love to play outside. But if they start digging your yard and end up ruining your garden then it can be quite frustrating. Dogs actually love to dig and it could be because of anything like they have too much energy or they are bored or they are just burying their treasures.

You might not be able to control their digging habit but you can certainly redirect it to a specific spot. If you want to get rid of the digging issue completely then your best bet is close supervision and excessive training.

Soiling all over the House

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

It’s no fun if your fur baby is peeing or pottying all over the house. It is one of the most annoying dog habits. Not just they cause damage to your home but your dog also becomes an unwanted guest of your friends and public places.

This couldn’t be helped with younger puppies but if your old guy has started inappropriate urination and defecation then it could be a serious health issue. So get your dog checked by your vet. If this isn’t a health problem then serious behavior modification is required for them to stop doing this.

Humping Around

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

There is nothing more embarrassing than your dog to start humping around. It could be your leg or another person’s leg, another dog, or a piece of furniture. Whatever it may be, this humping is definitely embarrassing and quite frustrating. Neuter the male dog or spay the female dog if not done yet. Chances are that your dog can still go humping around sometimes, therefore for such times distract your dog with some commands.

Angry Dog

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

Dogs can become aggressive at times. They could show aggression to other dogs or other people. It could be due to your dog’s abusive past or traits that it might have inherited. If your dog is growling, snarling, showing teeth, biting, or lunging then better get professional help. Consult your veterinarian and then seek the help of a dog trainer or a behaviorist.

Ignoring Your Commands

10 Most Annoying Dog Habits And How To Deal With Them

It could get really irritating when your dog just ignores your commands. It could be either because the dog is too happy with what it is already doing or he is just not interested. Either way, it is annoying!

You would need to tweak some changes in your training. Give your dog a reason to listen to our commands. For instance, give them a treat or reward every time it listens to you. Appreciate it coming to you by praising your dog.

The key here is to appreciate good behavior and punish for bad habits. And by punishment, I don’t mean yelling at them. Give them the silent treatment by not giving any rewards or cuddles or any kind of reaction. Soon your dog would realize that these annoying habits are not welcome and they get treats for the good habits. And your dog would turn into a perfect angel fur baby. Good luck!


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