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List of Extinct Animals from India 2022

List of Extinct Animals from India 2022

Wondering if some species are extinct within your lifetime! This is a harsh fact as there is a long list of Indian extinct animals which you might never see again after a few decades. Some charismatic and enchanting extinct animals from India are listed below. Many exotic animal species have already faded away from the

40 Amazing Facts about Owls

Excited to unveil some weird yet interesting facts about owls! Are they dangerous? Do they bling? Many silly yet unique questions about this astonishing and formidable bird are disclosed below. Let’s delve into the 25 most amazing facts about owls! Various people get fascinated with owls at a tender age, and many children have a

Cute and Funny Angry Pets Pictures

40 Cute and Funny Angry Pets Pictures

Pictures of cute little animals can brighten up the day! Isn’t that true? It is captivating to cherish the moments of cute and funny angry pets pictures that look adorable even when disgusted. When angry or in a bad temperament, humans look scary and vulnerable. Perhaps, that’s not the case with animals. Instead, it makes

Cute and Adorable Animals Pictures

50 Heart Meltingly Cute and Adorable Animals Pictures To Lighten Your Mood

People generally agree on what makes an animal adorable, and there’s a good reason for that. What we consider cute is determined by our evolution, which ensures we pay attention to human babies. This has spilled over into other animals, and for the most part, baby animals of all kinds tend to attract our attention.

What Is the Right Time to Adopt a Pet

What Is the Right Time to Adopt a Pet If You Have a Small Baby: Read then Decide

Animals add joy, companionship, and love to our lives, as well as a big responsibility. Choosing to add an animal companion to your family is a very important decision. Sometimes, adopting an animal may be too much added responsibility if you’re also experiencing other life changes. To help prospective pet adopters make informed decisions, we’ve

10 Homemade Food for Chickens Made From Kitchen Waste

Raising chickens is a fun as well as a rewarding experience. When you spend time with your birds, you’ll get to know their individual personalities. Sometimes they’ll even eat out of your hand! And just like people, your chickens will appreciate some variety in their diets. If you’ve been wondering what to feed chickens, you’ve


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