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Top 5 Rat Species in the world

Top 5 Rat Species in the world

Rat terror and scare are prevalent throughout the world! Do you know the top rat species in the world? Although these creepy creatures are also known for spreading disease, some people still adore them for their cute looks. And you can spot them feasting on dirt and trash all around. These rats can turn into

10 Popular Long Haired Cat breeds

Long, silky, and luscious haired cats look appealing and graceful as they carry their couture to the ramp. Have you spotted vivacious Persians, glamorous Scottish Folds, and active Maine Coons? What’s the common thing in all of them? Well, it’s their coifed coats that comprise of silky hair adorning their beauty. But if you are

10 Crossbreed Animals You Didn’t Know Really Existed

The beginning of cross-breeding begun with plants as the main area of experiments. Slowly, when the success rate grew, scientists became more curious to understand if this cross-breeding theory holds good only with plants, or are they successful with animals too. However, for the animals, the attraction law is not as tough, and the males

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