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10 Good or Bad Things about the Zoo

10 Good or Bad Things about the Zoo

Over the past 30 years, many established zoos have endeavoured to improve the level of care for animals and rehabilitate the public perception of zoos. However, despite many good intentions and considerable financial effort, the concept of zoos is nonetheless fraught with many serious problems.  Should zoos be banned or not – here are the

10 Most Venomous Snakes around the World

Snakes with very potent venom aren’t always the most dangerous to people. Most just want to be left alone and won’t seek out encounters with humans. From the colorful-but-deadly blue Malayan coral to the sometimes indistinguishable cottonmouth, here are the most venomous snakes around the world. 1. Inland Taipan Considered the world’s most venomous snake,

8 Animals Who Are Genuinely Rain Lovers

While we cannot stand being stranded outside our homes because of the rain, we’re also unable to resist the relaxing effect of its rhythmic sound. To some of us, the wet season may bring memories of childhood when we frolicked under the rain with family or friends! For others, it could mean more chances to

Why The Lion Is Called The King Of Animals

Why only lions are the king and no other wild cats? Why only Lion? Why not Tiger? Why not leopards, not elephants or rhinos and why not wild bulls? The lion’s appearance makes it the King of the animals. Hair around its neck serves as a crown of Lion and is associated with its social


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