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Top 5 Rat Species in the world

Top 5 Rat Species in the world

Rat terror and scare are prevalent throughout the world! Do you know the top rat species in the world? Although these creepy creatures are also known for spreading disease, some people still adore them for their cute looks. And you can spot them feasting on dirt and trash all around. These rats can turn into

Top 10 Birds with Longest Feathers

Bird tour is full of hidden fantasies as there are vibrant variations in their shapes, colors, and sizes. Every bird is like a masterpiece by God that can keep you pondering at it for hours. Few of them have long beaks; some have sky-high flights while others own splashy colors. Our take today in on

10 Highest Flying Birds Around the World

Birds are marvelous creatures and really good at flying. Some birds can actually fly much higher than our imagination (usually at altitudes of 30.000 to 40,000 feet). On the other hand, some birds like Common Swift spend ten months of a year in flight. Today in this post, we’re presenting the list of top 10


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