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50 Animals sleeping Pictures to Relax your Mind

As animal lovers, catching a glimpse of our furry friends always puts a smile on our face. But there’s something about seeing animals sleeping that’s so cute it hurts. Maybe it’s because it’s when they’re at their most vulnerable, and there’s some maternal instinct that kicks in. Maybe it’s soothing watching their bellies rise and

40 Magical Pictures of Snowy Owls

40 Magical Pictures of Snowy Owls

Magic exists on this earth. If you ever have doubts about it then open your eyes and look around. Magic is everywhere! In the invisible breeze that carries the scent of all the beautiful flowers. In the flowers you see and their breathtaking colors. Magic is in the butterflies that steal the colors from flowers

12 Most Colorful Parrot Species in the world

12 Most Colorful Parrot Species in the world

Having a pet is an absolute delight. There is just something special in having a bond with a creature that shows its love in cuddles and hugs. However, it is something different altogether to have a bird as a pet. Especially the exotic birds like one of these most colorful parrot species in the world.

10 Most Rarest snakes in the world

Most people get haunted even with the thought of these scaly creatures, but they are themselves under a huge threat. Amongst the rapidly reducing animal species in the world, snakes are also no exception. If you wish to know about the rarest snakes globally, here are the top 10 types whose extinction might be doubtful

Why Animals like to be Pet?: 40 Cute Captures

Love, care, warmth, and affection are few common attributes that every creature needs to nurture and grow! Just like humans, even animals are fond of such pampering and enjoy being caressed by their masters. Although most pets offer you security against intruders, they love dwelling in a nice sheltered ambiance. Recent research about why animals


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