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List of Animals whose names starts with the letter “A”

List of Animals whose names starts with the letter “A”

Ant, Antelope, and Alligator are these only three animals whose names start with letter A? Definitely no! There is an ample number of animals who have names starting with the letter “A”. Let us boost up our vocabularies by adding some more names to our List of Animals whose names start with the letter “A”.

25 Easy To Remember Crocodile Facts For Kids

Loved by some, hated by some, but feared by all- the crocodiles! These living fossils are damn dangerous with those extremely strong jaws and that notorious aggressive behavior. A true carnivore, yet it is not fond of humans as food. Nevertheless, beware, it would not think twice before having you as its meal. Living since

15 Most Common Causes of Sudden Death in Rabbits

The mere name of this animal brings a smile on our face and makes us use adjectives like cute, adorable, tiny, innocent etc. the list may go on, and within all this, when you spot a little white rabbit nibbling on some carrot, you cannot hold yourself back from just going “Aawww”. They are cute


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